How do you protect vintage magazines?

How do you protect vintage magazines?

To preserve the magazine in the future, West advises storing it in an archival plastic sleeve. Both archival tape and plastic sleeves should be available through an art supply store; if you have trouble locating these items, try the conservation supply company called Talas (

How do you protect and display magazines?

4 Simple Tricks to Protect your Magazines

  1. ① Bind them with Magazine Binders:
  2. ② Cover them with Plastic Magazine Covers:
  3. ③ Store multiple magazines together in Magazine Storage Boxes:
  4. ④ Protect them with a Custom Magazine Binder:

How do you store a magazine collection?

Neatly stack them into a pile or store them in bins, crates, or baskets. Or, create long-term storage by utilizing file holders. In addition, you can cut out helpful information from magazines you may not need to save and organize them in a binder for future use. Be sure to recycle issues you don’t need!

What is the best way to store magazines?

It’s best to opt for sturdier — and waterproof — storage tubs or bins instead of moving boxes. When adding to a storage container, alternate book and magazine spines to maximize space inside. If you’re just storing magazines in a box, lay them flat to prevent warping.

How do you preserve a magazine article?

If you want to preserve the article for a long period of time, consider making a photocopy of the original article to use for display, while placing the original in an acid-free box, with the pages separated by non-acidic paper to act as a buffer material, then store the box in a cool, dry place.

Can you frame a magazine?

The process of framing a magazine does not differ much from framing a picture or another piece of artwork. A store bought frame in the size of the magazine should work well. Thicker magazines may require the cover to be removed from the rest of the magazine in order to fit into the frame.

How do you store magazine collections?

What kind of magazine protection do you offer?

TLS™ offers a broad selection of Magazine Protection material to keep your magazines in tip top shape. We offer Magazine Binders, Magazine Covers, Crystal-Shield® Magazine-Savers™, Vista-Gloves™ Slip-On Magazine Covers, Magazine Holders and Easy Hold™ Reinforcements.

How do you make a protective cover for magazines?

Our Magazine Protective Covers are made of a 7.5 Mil polyester and feature a leatherette trim with metal corners. Simply slip the front and back covers of the magazine into the pockets; the pockets and spine strip will hold the magazine firmly. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors & styles. 10 per box.

What material are magazine covers made of?

These durable plastic magazine covers are made of a flexible 7.5 mil polyester that is crystal clear on the front and back for easy viewing of your magazine, but feature a stitched leatherette border and hard corners for added class and longevity.

What are Premium magazine covers used for?

These premium magazine covers are perfect for medical offices and waiting rooms, libraries, lobbies, or anywhere where magazines are frequently handled. They offer a professional way to protect, store, and display single copies of magazines.

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