How do you reset a digital ear thermometer?

How do you reset a digital ear thermometer?

Reset your Smart Ear Thermometer:

  1. Slide the battery cover down then pull it away to expose the battery compartment.
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Put the batteries back in, the same as they were before.
  5. Push the button to turn on the thermometer.

How do I change my equate ear thermometer from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

2. Hold down the “Start” button, then press and hold the“ON/OFF/Memory” button until the LCD shows °C. 3. Press the “Start” to change the °C to °F, then release the “Start” button.

How do you operate an ear thermometer?

To use an ear thermometer, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the top of the earlobe up and back.
  2. Gently insert the tip of the thermometer into the ear canal toward the eardrum.
  3. Once the thermometer is in position, turn it on and wait for it to signal that the reading is complete.
  4. Remove the thermometer and read the temperature.

How do I change the mode on my equate thermometer?

Temperature readings are available in the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale (°C / °F; located in the right of LCD.) With the unit off, press and hold the On/Off Button for approximately 4 seconds to change the current setting.

What is the ear and forehead thermometer used for?

BASIC INFORMATION 2.0 Application and functionality The Ear and F orehead T hermometer is an infrared temperature measurement device with which you can easily and straightforwardly carry out precise measurements of the body temperature on the forehead or in the ear as well as the temperature of liquids or surfaces.

How do you measure body temperature in the ear of a baby?

BODY TEMPERATURE 4.3 Information on measuring the body temperature in the ear For babies younger than 12 months: Gently pull the ear slightly diagonally backwards in order to straighten the ear canal. Carefully insert the measuring probe into the ear canal in order to ensure that the measuring probe is directed towards the eardrum (see Fig.

What batteries do I need for my thermometer DSO 364?

Page 34 DISPOSAL / BATTERY CHANGE 15.2 Battery types: For the Ear and Forehead Thermometer DSO 364, alkaline batteries of the type AAA are required. Do not use any rechargeable batteries! In order to open the cover of the battery compartment on the rear side of the device, press against the locking clip and remove the cover.

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