How do you treat an abnormal EEG?

How do you treat an abnormal EEG?

Epilepsy may be treated with antiepileptic medications (AEDs), diet therapy and surgery. Medications are the initial treatment choice for almost all patients with multiple seizures.

What treatments are available for Angelman syndrome?


  • Anti-seizure medication to control seizures.
  • Physical therapy to help with walking and movement problems.
  • Communication therapy, which may include sign language and picture communication.
  • Behavior therapy to help overcome hyperactivity and a short attention span and to aid in development.

Does Angelman syndrome affect the brain?

In 1965, an English physician called Harry Angelman reported a rare condition affecting three children who presented seven characteristic features: a depression in the occipital region of the skull; primary optic atrophy with incomplete choroid development; abnormal air encephalograms indicating cerebral atrophy; …

What do seizures look like in Angelman syndrome?

Atonic, generalized tonic-clonic, absence, complex partial, myoclonic, tonic, secondarily generalized and partial motor seizures are commonly seen. Atypical absence and myoclonic seizures are very common. Status epilepticus, a seizure emergency, may be seen.

What are some support groups for Angelman syndrome?

Here are nine organizations,clinics and research organizations that provide information, guidance and support for individuals with Angelman Syndrome.

  • Angelman Syndrome Foundation.
  • Foundation of Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.
  • Assert.
  • Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society.
  • Angelman Syndrome Association of Australia.

How is Angelman syndrome prevented?

There is no way to prevent Angelman syndrome. If you have a child with AS or a family history of the condition, you may want to talk with your provider before becoming pregnant.

Could Angelman syndrome have been prevented?

There is no way to prevent Angelman syndrome.

What is the life expectancy of someone with Angelman syndrome?

Seizures often begin between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. People with Angelman syndrome tend to live a normal life span, but the disease cannot be cured. Treatment focuses on managing medical and developmental issues.

What are the chances of getting Angelman syndrome?

There are no known risk factors for Angelman syndrome. In some cases, a family history may increase the chances of a baby having the disorder but the disease is rare, occurring in just 1 of every 10,000 people.

Is there a test to detect Angelman syndrome?

The blood tests that doctors can use to diagnose Angelman syndrome include DNA methylation, chromosomal microarray and UBE3A gene sequencing 22. Each test is looking to see if the UBE3A gene is working as expected, but they use different technology.

What is the treatment for Angelman syndrome?

Gene therapy. Gene therapy involves supplying the cells of a patient with a functional copy of a gene that is missing or mutated,therefore treating the underlying cause of the

  • Topoisomerase inhibitors. Another mechanism being investigated to restore UBE3A gene expression is by activating the paternal copy of the gene.
  • Minocycline.
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