How do you unlock characters in Soulcalibur 4 Xbox 360?

How do you unlock characters in Soulcalibur 4 Xbox 360?

Unlockable Characters

  1. Algol – Beat Story mode with a character that faces him as the last boss (Mitsurugi, Taki, etc)
  2. Amy – Purchase her in the Character Creation for 4000 gold.
  3. Angol Fear – Defeat her in Story Mode.
  4. Ashlotte – Defeat her in Story Mode.
  5. Cervantes – Purchase him in the Character Creation for 4000 gold.

How do you unlock starkiller in Soul Calibur 4?

Starkiller can be unlocked by beating the arcade with the corresponding Star Wars character (Yoda in the Xbox 360 version, and Darth Vader in the PS3 version).

How do you unlock 2B in Soul Calibur?

You’ll automatically unlock 2B if you’ve bought the $29.99/£24.99 DLC season pass. Soulcalbur 6’s other DLC fighter, Tira, can be bought separately for $5.99/£3.99, so I’d expect the same to happen here.

How many characters are there in Soul Calibur 4?

Out of the complete Soul Calibur 4 cast, 34 characters have been revealed like Ivy and Tira, but we thought it was time to list the Soul Calibur 4 characters below that have been confirmed for the upcoming July 29th, 2008, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fighting game.

What are the modes in Soulcalibur 4?

Soulcalibur IV features the familiar Story, Arcade, Training and Museum modes. A new mode called Tower of Lost Souls has the player fighting special battles in order to gain rewards. Character Creation from Soulcalibur III returns in Soulcalibur IV.

When did Soulcalibur 4 come out?

Soulcalibur IV (ソウルキャリバーIV Sourukyaribā Fō?) is the fifth installment in Namco ‘s Soul series of fighting games. It was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 29, 2008, in North America; July 31, 2008, in Japan, Europe, and Australia; and on August 1, 2008, in the United Kingdom.

Who is Inferno in Soul Calibur 2?

Hong Yun-seong is a male character in the Soul Calibur franchise who made his first appearance in Soul Calibur II. He seeks the power of Soul Edge to protect his country. Inferno is the boss in Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur II. He is the soul of the evil blade Soul Edge. One of the more complex character.

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