How do you use back to back in a sentence?

How do you use back to back in a sentence?

Back-to-back sentence example

  1. If two cones are placed back to back the belt tends to rise to the ridge and stay there.
  2. back-to-back win ‘s over their local rivals?
  3. She ran hard, spotting Yully and Charles fighting back-to-back at the base of the obelisk.

Which form of verb is used with must?

The modal verb must has two past tense forms: had to and must have….“Had to” vs. “must have”

Must, have to
present past
When expressing obligation, we say: I must go. or I have to go. When expressing obligation, the past of must and have to is always had to: I had to wash my car yesterday . We had to go to bed at 8 o’clock when we were kids.

Is it OK to use and twice in a sentence?

“And” can only be used once in a sentence to connect big ideas. “And” can be used two times in a sentence when making a list of things. Just like too many bridges, too many “ands” make a sentence hard to follow.

Can you use the same word twice in a row?

Yes, you can use the same word twice in a row. Here are several examples. The verb have can be an auxiliary and also a main verb in the same clause: “She had tried many approaches over the years, and at various times had had some successes and some failures.”

What verb to use after to?

Normally, ‘to’ goes with a verb (as part of the infinitive form), not a noun. If, however, the ‘to’ is a preposition that is part of a combination, then it is OK to use a gerund after to.

Is have to formal?

1 Answer. “have to” is a perfect word to use in formal writings and you can use it in any of your academic/scholarly publications, unless you use something like “hafta”.

What questions do you need to have examples?

Examples: Do you have to go to the supermarket later? Does he have to buy a new car? Do they have to work until 7 O’clock?

Has to and have to sentences?

have to, has to in the Simple Present

Pronouns Affirmative sentences Negative sentences
I, we, you, they I have to get up early. I do not have to get up early.
he, she, it She has to get up early. She does not have to get up early.

Which form of verb is used after should?

Modal verbs

How many times can you say had in a row?

The word had can easily appear twice consecutively in a sentence, for example “The opinion he had had didn’t matter“. Three times is quite possible “The opinion he had had had no effect“, and even four times “The opinion he had had had had no effect“, but I recently came across a sentence with eleven consecutive had!

What is the root form of verb?

The root form of a verb is the base form of the word. Roots have not been conjugated and do not include prefixes or suffixes. The root form of a verb is used to create other forms of the verb when conjugated. This is always true with regular verbs, but may not apply with irregular verbs, depending on the tense.

Can you use the same word in a sentence?

Writers are often advised to avoid using the same word twice in one sentence. If you use the same word repeatedly, a sentence can sound repetitive and awkward. In such cases, it’s a good idea to look for synonyms of the word you’re tempted to repeat, or to rephrase the sentence.

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