How do you use gnarl in a sentence?

How do you use gnarl in a sentence?

Gnarl sentence example

  1. He was a mean man who tended to gnarl out his answers.
  2. He was not able to cut through the gnarl of the tree.
  3. The gnarl in the branch made it harder for the squirrels to run up the branch.
  4. He was so scared that his face was twisted up into a gnarl .

How do you use oblivion in a sentence?

Examples of oblivion in a Sentence Her work was rescued from oblivion when it was rediscovered in the early 1900s. After being awake for three days straight, he longed for the oblivion of sleep. She drank herself into oblivion. The little village was bulldozed into oblivion to make way for the airport.

What is a good sentence for precipice?

We are living on the edge of a precipice. During the past week we have been on the edge of a precipice; almost thrown over. They both realised how close to the precipice mankind was standing. When the precipice was reached the miners went over alone; the railway men were wisely advised to avoid it.

Is it narly or gnarly?

\ ˈnär-lē \ gnarlier; gnarliest.

Does gnarly mean good or bad?

The second most common use of gnarly is to mean “very difficult or bad.” It is used as slang. The context around the word will often show that it’s about something bad, as in this example about an accident: It looks like somebody had a gnarly accident.

What is the last sound in gnarl?

The last sound I hear is /t/ spelled t. There are four letters in the word but only three sounds. We Do: New word is gnarl.

What is an oblivious person?

If you don’t notice or aren’t aware, it means that the adjective oblivious applies to you! When we think of the adjective oblivious, it is usually in situations that involve being totally unaware of what’s staring us right in the face. It can also mean being forgetful and absent-minded.

Does Oblivion mean destroyed?

oblivion noun [U] (NO MEMORY) the state of being completely destroyed: The planes bombed the city into oblivion.

What is does precipice mean?

Definition of precipice 1 : a very steep or overhanging place. 2 : a hazardous situation broadly : brink. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About precipice.

What does it mean to be on the precipice of something?

: very close to a bad or dangerous situation The company is now on the edge of a precipice.

What does Gnarl mean in English?

gnarl noun [ C ] uk ​ /nɑːl/ us ​ /nɑːrl/. › a rough or twisted lump on a tree or piece of wood: The boy stared at the notches and gnarls in the trunk of the oak.

What is a good sentence for gnarled?

Past Perfect I had gnarled you had gnarled he/she/it had gnarled we had gnarled you had gnarled they had gnarled Future I will gnarl you will gnarl he/she/it will gnarl we will gnarl you will gnarl they will gnarl Future Perfect

What is an old gnarled tree?

An old gnarled tree. adjective. The definition of gnarled is being knotty, roughened or misshapen. An example of something gnarled is the trunk of an old oak tree.

Does the wood have knots and Gnarls like real wood?

Although the ” wood ” has realistic knots, gnarls and woodworm holes, it’s made of hardened polyurethane. Because it’s been moulded from a piece of oak, it’s got all the knots and gnarls of real wood.

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