How do you use OPI corrector pens?

How do you use OPI corrector pens?

Directions of use:

  1. Dab along cuticles to remove traces of nail lacquer.
  2. Wipe tip on tissue to clean.
  3. Refill pen by pulling tip out and refill through tip hole with an OPI Polish Remover.

Do nail polish remover pens work?

It is. Not only are the pens excellent at getting rid of any mess you make whilst painting your nails, but they’re also incredibly easy to make and, best of all, cost effective. Rather than spend $10 on one pen, the only thing I had to buy for this DIY was nail polish remover, which cost less than $5 in a drug store.

How do you refill OPI corrector pens?

OPI Nail Corrector Pen comes with a spare tip and can be refilled with your favourite OPI nail polish remover.

What is a Nail Corrector Pen?

With a fine tip, this pen ensures you remove even the smallest of smudges around your nail, leaving you with a tidy, professional looking manicured hand. Practical and refillable, Nail Corrector Pen is easy to use and is sure to become a manicure essential.

Can you refill a nail polish corrector pen?

Specifications: Fill this corrector pen with acetone to remove the excess nail polish. Erase and correct the manicure mistakes quickly and precisely. Can be used repeatedly by refilling the pen.

How do I keep my fingers clean after painting my nails?

Get clean cuticles with Vaseline. Before you start painting, line your cuticles with a Q-tip dipped in Vaseline to prevent polish from sticking, as beauty guru Michelle Phan demonstrates on her blog. The Vaseline creates a barrier between your nail and skin so you can wipe away mistakes when you’re finished.

Can I put nail polish on my nail bed?

Always seeing yellow-stained nails post-manicure might leave you questioning: Is it time to take a break from nail polish? “The nail itself is dead cells composed of protein and keratin, and the nail plate does not ‘breathe’ the air — so it is possible to cover our nails with nail polish and not harm them,” she adds.

Is OPI infinite shine 5 free?

OPI Infinite Shine nail polish is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor) but it should be noted that the Infinite Shine Primer contains camphor. The Infinite Shine system consists three steps, Primer, Lacquer and Gloss.

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