How do you use the word fervent?

How do you use the word fervent?

Fervent Sentence Examples

  1. He was a fervent football supporter of the NFL.
  2. He was fervent in spirit serving the Lord.
  3. He was a fervent nationalist.
  4. They were fervent of all folk musicians in Romania.

What does fervent mean in a sentence?

1 : very hot : glowing the fervent sun. 2 : exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feeling : zealous fervent prayers a fervent proponent fervent patriotism.

How do you use haughty in a sentence?

Haughty sentence example

  1. There was a soft note in the haughty woman’s voice.
  2. They described the natives as very proud and haughty .
  3. He was cold, haughty , melancholy and dull.
  4. It was, however, due to his haughty and violent temper that the traditional friendly relations between Turkey and France were broken.

What’s another word for fervently?

Some common synonyms of fervent are ardent, fervid, impassioned, passionate, and perfervid. While all these words mean “showing intense feeling,” fervent stresses sincerity and steadiness of emotional warmth or zeal.

What is the most likely meaning of fervently?

having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.; ardent: a fervent admirer; a fervent plea.

How can someone be fervent?

A fervent person has or shows strong feelings about something, and is very sincere and enthusiastic about it.

Can you describe a person as fervent?

fervent Add to list Share. Use fervent to describe a person or thing that shows very strong feelings or enthusiasm. The adjective fervent and the noun fervor are often associated with the feelings aroused by patriotism, religion, or a belief that you support or oppose. A near synonym for the adjective is ardent.

What is highfalutin example?

The definition of highfalutin is arrogant or pompous. An example of being highfalutin is when someone offers you to cook you a homemade dinner and you snottily say that you only dine in five star restaurants. adjective. Pompous or pretentious.

What does the expression highfalutin mean?

Definition of highfalutin 1 : pretentious, fancy highfalutin people. 2 : expressed in or marked by the use of language that is elaborated or heightened by artificial or empty means : pompous giving a highfalutin speech.

How do you use pusillanimous in a sentence?

Examples of Pusillanimous in a sentence. The pusillanimous soldier cried because he was scared of the gunfire. 🔊. During the fight at the basketball game, the pusillanimous man tried to run from his opponent. 🔊.

What is the meaning of pusillanimity?

Definition of pusillanimity. : the quality or state of being pusillanimous : cowardliness.

Do the Senators take a pleasure in pusillanimous adulation?

The senators seemed to take a pleasure in pusillanimous adulation. It was, to their minds, an anticlimax, a pusillanimous surrender. There are such women, and they will love you just as readily as any pusillanimous product of bourgeois sheltered life. It is astonishing how pusillanimous two years of invalidism can make one.

What is pusillanimity in u0018 nightu0019?

Another form of u0018 nightu0019 s fearu0019 is pusillanimity, which is fleeing from things that are incorrectly perceived as dangerous ( XIII ). Based on Mahasweta Devi’s novel, Ghosh’s film lays bare the pusillanimity and hypocrisy of the middle-class in Calcutta.

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