How does a Sensi work?

How does a Sensi work?

When you travel 3 miles away from your home the Sensi app will signal for your thermostat to change set points and save energy. Your thermostat will lower the temperature 3 degrees when you are in heat mode or raise 3 degrees in cool mode.

What is Sensi touch?

The Sensi Touch ST75 is a smart thermostat you can control with your phone, voice, and a color touch-screen panel. It offers temperature and humidity alerts and usage reports, as well as support for several smart home platforms.

Can I control Sensi thermostat from anywhere?

From across the room or across the country, use the intuitive app to remotely control and schedule your home comfort – Anytime. Anywhere.

How much data does a Sensi thermostat use?

The average Sensi thermostat uses around 50mb of data a month. That includes changing the temperature a few times a day and making new schedules each week.

What is Sensi app?

Remotely control your home comfort from your smartphone or tablet using the Sensi mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Includes a backlight perfect for night time or low lighting. Includes filter reminders and smart alerts. Receive a notification when it’s time to change your filter with service reminders.

Does Sensi control humidity?

Sensi can control humidity. Learn more about potential dehumidification options.

Does Sensi have remote sensors?

The Sensi doesn’t come with algorithmic learning, remote sensors or geofencing capabilities; the thermostat hardware is on the plain side of the spectrum.

Where is Sensi made?

Assisi, Italy
The manufacturing facility in Assisi, Italy, hand assembles each Sensi Sandal, paying attention to every detail. The foundation of Sensi’s business is its long-standing reputation for building a top quality product.

Is Sensi a good thermostat?

The Sensi Touch is a good smart thermostat. The touchscreen display is responsive, its app is easy to navigate and it works well with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Does Sensi thermostat work without wifi?

Yes, Sensi thermostats are designed to control your heating and cooling even if you lose Wi-Fi connection. If you are running a schedule when you lose internet access, Sensi will continue to run the current schedule.

Is Sensi app free?

Currently, the Sensi mobile app is free to download for most Android and Apple smart devices. If you do not have automatic updates enabled on your smart device, check the app store to make sure you have the latest Sensi app installed.

How accurate is Sensi humidity?

Sensi currently indicates humidity at 19% while the hygrometer says 35% I realize conditions can be different on the wall, etc. etc., however that’s a BIG difference.

How does the Sensi mobile app work?

The Sensi mobile app is designed to add comfort and convenience to your life. Whether you are in bed, at work or on vacation, the app allows you to monitor and control your thermostat 24 hours a day. Make your Sensi thermostat advanced settings work for you – save energy– and have peace of mind.

What brands are compatible with Sensi temp technology?

Sensi-Temp Technology coil elements/burners are compatible with most 2011 and newer 30″ freestanding GE or Hotpoint brands. Sensi-temp burners on ranges manufactured on or after the regulatory change cannot be replaced with burners without Sensi-Temp Technology.

What does Sensi temp mean on electric range?

Electric Range & Cooktop – Coil Burner Sensi-Temp Technology Starting in 2018, UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) regulations require all electric coil top ranges to have temperature limiting capabilities to reduce the risk of cooktop oil and grease fires. As a result, our electric coil burners now use Sensi-Temp Technology.

What is Sensi-temp technology and how does it work?

It turns out starting in 2018, UL regulation requires all new electric ranges with coil burners or elements to have temperature limiting capabilities to reduce the risk of fires. GE and Hotpoint’s name for this feature is called Sensi-Temp technology.

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