How does reshuffle work w101?

How does reshuffle work w101?

Reshuffle is a card you use when you are running out of cards to cast. So you know how you have a deck and say the maximum cards you can put in it is 50. So while in battle you have 50 cards. As you discard and use up spells, those 50 cards are going to be less and less, especially in very long, hard battles.

Where do you get reshuffle?

Mildred Farseer in Colossus Boulevard has a Reshuffle Card (balance school) that costs 1 training point to get. The card says it needs 4 pips to use.

What level is reshuffle?

Requirements: Required Character Level: 20.

Where can I buy reshuffle TC w101?

Reshuffle can be bought from TC vendors as low as Argleston in WC. I wouldn’t bother looking for them in packs, just farm for the gold and pick them up at a TC vendor.

Can you reshuffle reshuffle?

Re: Does the reshuffle card get reshuffled too? Yes, the reshuffle card you use to reshuffle gets reshuffled also. However, it goes to the bottom of the deck once you use it, so it will be the last card you get if you run out of cards again.

Where is Mildred farseer?

Location: Colossus Boulevard, In a house just North of Mindy Pixiecrown – the short downhill court to the house on the end – not along the main road.

How do you get more training points in wizard101?

There are two ways to earn training points:

  1. 1) You earn Training Points as you go up in level. From levels 1-20, you earn one training point every 4 levels.
  2. 2) You earn Training Points by completing certain quests.
  3. By level 50 you can obtain up to 18 Training Points.

How do you shuffle on Dominion?

For Dominion, I commonly just use an under-over-hand shuffle. That is, with cards in my right hand, I splash some amount off the top into my left. Then I flip the left side up and splash some more so this new set is on the bottom of the left hand stack.

What level is Stormzilla?

This pet is obtained by completing the Level 48 Spell Quest of its School.

Where is Enya Firemoon?

NPC:Enya Firemoon

Enya Firemoon Locations Avalon – The Wild – Fire Elf Village Description NPC whom you speak to in order to learn the Spear spells at Level 80. She is freed for interaction by completion of the quest Lair of the Winter Wyrm.
Gives Quests Ends Quests

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