How does THC cause anxiety?

How does THC cause anxiety?

THC has different effects in different brain regions. In the amygdala, it causes anxiety at any dose. In the PFC and hippocampus, THC reduces anxiety at low doses, but increases anxiety at higher doses. Effects of THC are linked to glutamate levels.

Does THC help anxiety?

The two main components of marijuana, THC and CBD, can have very different effects. Many people find that CBD reduces anxiety, whereas THC is more likely to increase their anxiety. THC produces psychoactive effects that some may find helpful for anxiety, but for others it can exacerbate existing worries.

What is the best marijuana strain for anxiety?

Cannatonic is a 50/50 Sativa and Indica hybrid strain of marijuana often used to treat anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, pain and depression. It has a lemony pine scent and is a fan favourite in the medical community for its therapeutic benefits. It has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio or better.

What is the best treatment for chronic anxiety?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one type of therapy that is particularly helpful in the treatment of GAD. CBT examines distortions in our ways of looking at the world and ourselves. Your therapist will help you identify automatic negative thoughts that contribute to your anxiety.

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