How fast can the MTI boat go?

How fast can the MTI boat go?

Take a ride in MTI’s 42 Race/Pleasure catamaran and try not to smile. Go ahead—we dare you. There’s no question that 120 mph on the water is fast and is the kind of speed that needs to be respected.

How much is a MTI 340X?

Price is $489,900. A Heritage trailer, Mercury CNC propellers and an aluminum anchor are included.

Who is Randy Scism?

With an array of high-performance catamarans and center console, Randy Scism has grown MTI into an industry powerhouse. Photo by Brad Glidewell copyright Brad Glidewell Photography. That was my first encounter with Randy Scism, the founder and owner of Marine Technology Inc.

Where is MTI boats made?

Our ultra modern facilities in Wentzville, Missouri and Green Bay, Wisconsin are staffed by a highly trained team of individuals dedicated to producing the finest performance pleasure and race boats on the market today.

How much is a fountain 34 Thundercat?

It’s been replaced by the Fountain 34 Thunder Cat that is—from workmanship to ride quality—a far more polished and impressive offering. And with a base sticker price of $307,400 with twin Mercury Racing 300R outboards, it still is on the low price side of the sport cat market.

Who is the owner of MTI boats?

Randy Scism
The owner of MTI, Randy Scism, commented on their new racing team and how excited they are to work with Performance Boat Center. He introduces his daughter, Taylor, as the new marketing manager for MTI.

Who owns Black Diamond?

According to Randy Scism, the owner and founder of MTI, Black Diamond Express will be participating in next week’s Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run from Miami to Key West.

Who owns MTI boat company?

In this article by Jason Johnson of Offshore Only and Speed on the Water, Johnson interviews MTI owner/founder Randy Scism and sales/marketing manager Tom Stuart about popular boats and upcoming changes being implemented by Marine Technology Inc.

Where are Cigaretteboats made?

The company found secure footing in 2002, when Skip Braver bought the brand, built a new production facility in Opa-locka, Fla., and supplemented the go-fast boats with a new line of fishing center consoles designed around its performance hull.

Why choose MTI boats?

Our customers speak volumes about our boats. We utilize new products and technology in our boats, while also focusing on comfort and safety. MTI is a winner among leisure boats, a benchmark in the poker run industry and world champion in racing. MTI catamarans, vee-bottoms and outboards are the industry leader in performance boating.

What makes the MTI V so special?

The MTI V is the pinnacle of the finest Center Consoles available. Fast, Fuel efficient, Comfortable Ride, Sportscar like handling, Luxury features, Abundant storage and everything you’d want in your description of the perfect boat.

What kind of engine does a MTI 340 have?

The MTI 340x is the newest cat to the MTI lineup. It is 34 foot long, 10 foot wide, 6000 lb, and has 800HP (twin mercury 400R outboards). This rocket ship of a boat easily hits 110 mph. This pearl flake, black, and lime green accented boat is well optioned out.

Why choose the MTI pleasure series?

Take a look at our models and discover for yourself why the MTI-V line is the most coveted performance center console in the world. View series >> Built to be driven with an intense passion, the MTI Pleasure Series tend to your desire for high performance and comfort with luxury features not found elsewhere.

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