How fast was RG 500?

How fast was RG 500?

The RG had a power to weight ratio of 95 hp:340 lb’s (dry) which ensured rapid acceleration and a top speed of around 150 mph.

How many RG500 were made?

Production numbers

Model 1985 Total
RG500 7340 9284
RG400 5002 6213

How much is a Suzuki RG500 worth?

“A Suzuki RG500 in racing condition is worth $60,000 to $70,000,” says Berrey. “There are only a handful of RS500s in the world that are being regularly race.”

What is better Kawasaki or Suzuki?

Kawasaki is reliable than Suzuki. It is excellent bike I will give 10 /9. As well as very efficient for bike rider I like this bike one of the best bike 300 cc is very excellent for bike. One of the best bike I have ever seen .

Which Japanese motorcycle company is most reliable?

The best Japanese motorcycle brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki offer reliability and performance. Italian motorcycle brands like Ducati are all about power and style, whereas German bike brands like BMW are known for their superior design and quality.

Why Japanese bikes are reliable?

One of the key factors here is culture, with the Japanese placing more emphasis on accuracy than any other nation (even Germans). It is something they pride themselves on, and their engineering accuracy/perfection has led to the production of some bulletproof bikes.

What happened to the RG500 Gamma?

Just as amazing is the end to the story, following the Assen race, the RG500 Gamma was returned to standard road going trim, placed back into stock and then sold having had only the one “careful owner” from new. It is out there somewhere and you could be riding it.

What does the turboplus system include?

The Turboplus system includes a kit to pressurize the magnetos as well; pressurized mags became standard in 1985 and helped cure often severe high-altitude misfiring. (This misfiring kept owners from using maximum cruise power at altitude.)

What kind of modifications are available for the Turbo Arrow?

Today, however, myriad modifications are available for the Turbo Arrow that address the engine’s basic shortcomings and boost performance and top-end longevity. Introduced in 1977, the Turbo Arrow promised to bring turbocharging to everyman.

How good is the performance of the Turbo Arrow?

Climb performance of the Turbo Arrow is good, with 1,000 feet per minute available right up to 10,000 feet or so, and with 72 gallons of fuel aboard, endurance is excellent.

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