How hard is the 401 trail?

How hard is the 401 trail?

The climb isn’t extremely difficult. However, being 11,000 ft above sea level can make it quite a challenge. The hard climb will then be rewarded as you begin going downhill. You’ll be descending hundreds of feet down and the trail flows fast and gently while you’re surrounded with majestic views.

Can you hike 401 trail Crested Butte?

If you have never ridden trail 401, put this one on your list for your next trip to Crested Butte….More videos on YouTube.

Highlights: High alpine views, sweet singletrack, and amazing flowers
Difficulty: Advanced
RT Length: 13.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,398 feet
Max Elevation: 11,349 feet

Can I use a mountain bike on a trail?

If you are interested in riding dirt singletrack trails, you will have to get a real mountain bike! Road bikes, city bikes, and cruisers are not appropriate tools for riding MTB trails. Trying to ride off-road with an inappropriate bike might cause you to fall more often and get discouraged.

Where is Gothic Co?

Gothic Mountain is a prominent mountain summit in the Elk Mountains range of the Rocky Mountains of North America….

Gothic Mountain
Gothic Mountain Colorado
Location Gunnison County, Colorado, U.S.
Parent range Elk Mountains
Topo map USGS 7.5′ topographic map Oh-be-joyful, Colorado

Where does Billy Barr live?

Billy Barr lives in Gothic, Colo., a silver mining town that was abandoned more than 100 years ago.

How long is hike from Crested Butte to Aspen?

10.2 miles
More videos on YouTube

CB to Aspen Aspen to CB
Difficulty: Strenuous More Strenuous
Length: 10.2 miles 10.2 miles
Approx. Time: 6-8 hours 7-9 hours
Elevation Gain: 2,357 feet 3,265 feet

How long does it take to hike the 401 trail?

A quick hike-a-bike will place you in view of Emerald Lake with a short distance remaining until the famed 401 singletrack begins. At the top of Schofield Pass, the famed singletrack of the 401 Trail veers right starting with a tough and consistent climb for 1.3 miles through dense trees.

How long is traxtrail 401?

Trail 401 is a 15.4 mile loop trail located near Crested Butte, Colorado that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

How hard is the trail up to the trailhead?

The trail climbs for about a mile and is technically a bit harder than earlier sections, though still fine for fit intermediate riders. You’ll pass thorugh a drainage with lots of rockfall, and most people walk their bikes a few feet to get through it.

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