How high is Vilcabamba?

How high is Vilcabamba?


Is Vilcabamba Ecuador safe?

Crime is starting to become a problem in Vilcabamba–Mandango Mountain is a case in point. Overall, Ecuador is a very safe country, and Vilcabamba is safe, too–but people who come in from other countries and flash their wealth tend to become targets for muggings.

What is the elevation of Loja Ecuador?


What is Vilcabamba Ecuador known for?

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Vilcabamba is a small valley in Southern Ecuador. Vilcabamba, from the quechua Huilcopamba means Valley of the Huilcos – after the huilco trees that are very common in this valley, is well known for its longevos or centenarians. Vilcabamba is also called the Valley of the Eternal Youth or the Valley of Longevity.

Is Vilcabamba a blue zone?

Discovering Vilcabamba, Ecuador Areas such as these around the world are called “Blue Zones”, and their claims of old age are usually attributed to better air, water, and soil, a perennial spring-like climate, and a lifestyle that necessitates low stress and regular exercise.

How many people live in Vilcabamba?

The Incas referred to it as the “Sacred Valley,” but today it’s known as the “Valley of Longevity.” Vilcabamba village itself is small—only about 4,000 Inhabitants—but the international community is surprisingly diverse, with an ever-increasing population of U.S. and British settlers, as well as French, Germans.

How many expats live in Vilcabamba?

Is it safe in Loja Ecuador?

Loja is both safe and affordable. For starters, it’s an incredibly safe city. It experiences far less crime than in places like Guayaquil or Cuenca, or the capital city of Quito. Residents can walk through the city streets in the middle of the night without any concern for their safety or fear of robbers.

How do you get to Vilcabamba Ecuador?

By Plane — The nearest airport to Vilcabamba is Aeropuerto Camilo Ponce Enríquez, outside Loja. Taxis are always waiting for incoming flights. A ride from the airport to Loja costs about $6 (£4). From Loja you can take one of the very frequent buses or minivans to Vilcabamba .

What does Vilcabamba mean in Ecuador?

Mandango, the Sleeping Inca Church on the main square of Vilcabamba Vilcabamba is a village in the southern region of Ecuador, in Loja Province, about 45 km (28 mi) from the city of Loja. The etymology of the name “Vilcabamba” apparently derives from the Quichua “huilco pamba.”

What is it like to live in Vilcabamba?

Longevity in Vilcabamba has been attributed to nothing more special than the benefits of exercise, a healthy diet and good treatment of the elderly by the community. Longevity of the residents has also been attributed to a result of migration of younger people to cities.

Does Vilcabamba really have a higher percentage of centenarians?

Researchers eventually found that this was a myth–Vilcabamba doesn’t actually have a higher percentage of centenarians–but overall people are healthier into old age.

How old is the oldest person in Vilcabamba?

They reached the conclusion that there was not a single centenarian living in Vilcabamba. The oldest person in the village was found to be 96 years old. The average age of those claiming to be over 100 years was actually 86 years.

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