How long do fiberglass steps last?

How long do fiberglass steps last?

Structural Fiberglass Stairs have a 75+ year life expectancy and offer the lowest life cycle cost of any stair system in today’s market.

How much do steps cost?

On average, concrete steps cost around $2,000. Most projects range between $900 and $5,000. Where your price falls depends on the number of steps and the size of the staircase you need. Pouring cement is about $300 per step at 2 feet wide and 11 inches deep, including materials and labor.

What are step stringers?

What is a stair stringer? A stair stringer is the support frame piece to which the risers and treads of the stairs are attached. A staircase will typically have two stringer boards (one on either side) to three stringer boards (one on either side and one down the center) at minimum.

How much does fiberglass steps cost?

Fiberglass Steps

White Price Price
351291 $ 535.30 $ 91.89
350054 $ 575.28 $ 76.14
350053 $ 642.08 $ 93.33

Are fiberglass steps heavy?

Fiberglass is a smart choice for mobile home steps. It is lightweight, affordable, and long-lasting. Fiberglass mobile home steps are usually framed in wood and then fiberglass is formed around it.

Do you need exterior steps for a mobile home?

After reading this, you’ll be able to confidently choose from the best, premade steps for mobile homes. So you can get in and out of your home! Do you need exterior steps? The simple answer is yes. It’s a requirement for mobile homes to be placed in an elevated position in almost all states.

What are the hours of operation for steel steps?

Steel Steps Steel Steps 1-248-887-3187 Weekdays 9AM – 5PM EST Mobile Home – Manufactured Housing Sign In About Us Resources Products Contact Us About us

What are the dimensions of a step and platform?

Steps are 36″ wide. Platform is 27″ x 36″. Two units can be placed back-to-back or side-to-side for a more convenient entrance. W and D dimensions are for concrete slab or support deck size required for step and deck system.

How much do steel/wood steps cost?

Steel/Wood Steps W/Platform With Side Rail, 3 Step, 28H (10531) $395.00 $339.00 14% off Call Toll-Free To Order Steel/Wood Steps W/Platform With Side Rail, 4 Step, 32H (10532)

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