How long does cyber hair last?

How long does cyber hair last?

Typically you will need to revisit us for tightening or reattachment every 6 to 8 weeks. This system can also be used for adding “peek-a-boo” hi-lights or lo-lights without the commitment of coloring your hair.

How long does Micropoint last?

If you wish to opt for a non-surgical hair restoration procedure that does not use any adhesive, the Micro Point procedure is a great option. However, this process does need a precise maintenance schedule. The process will need to be repeated approximately every four to six weeks.

What is Micropoint hair?

Micro Point Link is a unique hair replacement system that’s a non-surgical approach used for men and women with thinning hair by using micro-mini extensions. This non-damaging method is lightweight and comfortable and there is no glue or solvents to be applied.

How do you care for a Cyberhair?

Most synthetic fibers and all Cyberhair products will have to be cleansed and re-moisturized every three to four days (add – if worn daily). Cyberhair has 10 times more moisture content than any other synthetic fiber on the market, and needs to be cared for with that in mind.

Is Cyberhair a wig?

Developed by International Hairgoods, or IHI, Cyberhair is a durable hair replacement option that creates a natural, uniform look with memory retention capabilities. With twice the durability of human hair, as well as fade resistance and a light weight, Cyberhair creates a long lasting, comfortable wig experience.

What is cyberhair?

The result of decades of cutting-edge research and development by engineers working around the clock to provide you with the ultimate solution to your hair replacement needs, Cyberhair is the premier synthetic solution to what you are looking for in a hair replacement product.

What is cyberhair® and vitalhair®?

Cyberhair® and Vitalhair® are patented high-tech hair replacement systems available only at a few certified studios, including the World Hair Institute. We are the leading institute in the Chicago area and have superior experience and many years of certification. Cyberhair® and Vitalhair® looks, feels, and reacts as your own human hair.

Is cyberhair natural or synthetic?

Because Cyberhair is not constructed from a human hair follicle, it is by definition, synthetically created. But unlike any other synthetic hair product, Cyberhair plays a definite long game. Other synthetics look unnatural.

How does cyberhair® compare to other hair alternatives?

Laboratory Xenon Tests confirm that Cyberhair® has a higher level of fade resistance than other alternatives. Tests prove that Cyberhair® is more than 10% lighter than other hair. (18% lighter than Polyester synthetic fiber, 11% lighter than Modacrylic synthetic fiber and 14% lighter than processed human hair).

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