How long does it take to complete animation mentor?

How long does it take to complete animation mentor?

This is a six-week course for beginners. From there, you can go into the Classic Animation track. This is where you can learn everything you need for a strong animation foundation. Or if you already have experience with animation, you can take their Creature Animation courses, or game animation courses.

Does animation mentor give you Maya?

Animation Mentor is a member of Autodesk’s® Education Community, which allows us to provide Maya free of charge to our active students.

How Good Is Animation mentor?

Animation mentor is pretty awesome, but you need to know if you want/can afford the money for it. The community is great, the classes and mentors too. You will have life time access to all the rigs, the community and the learning videos. I can only recommend to NOT work on the side while you are doing this.

Is Animation mentor full time?

I worked full-time freelance and had a newborn baby while attending Animation Mentor. It is a challenge to balance work, school and family but I am here to tell you that it is possible and I had many Animation Mentor friends who did the same. The Animation Mentor mentors have families and work full-time too.

Do you get a degree from Animation Mentor?

Animation Mentor provides a certificate of completion to those students who successfully pass Feature Animation Acting & Polish. This is not an educational credential.

Is Animation mentor accredited?

Animation Mentor is not federally accredited.

How much is animation mentor?

How Much Does Animation Mentor Cost? Tuition is less than $15,000 for all 6 Character Animation Courses. Our rigs and demonstrations use Autodesk Maya. You are welcome to use any other 3D software or rigs of your choosing.

What is Animation Mentor?

At Animation Mentor, you’ll be mentored by animators currently working at prominent game studios. That means, they go to work creating the games you love to play and then spend their nights teaching you everything they know!

How do I become a character animator?

Level up basic 3D animation software experience, and go beyond software tutorials to truly understand the art and craft of animation Create a kick-ass demo reel full of your best animation and prepare yourself to apply for a job as a character animator

What do you learn in the first animation course?

If you are new to animation, this first course will help you learn the core essence of animation based on the 12 basic principles of animation developed by Disney’s Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. You’ll learn animation concepts and techniques to build a solid foundation as you start your animation journey. Save your spot!

Why take a game animation workshop?

Instant gratification for the win. This workshop is designed for animators with a basic understanding of body mechanics who are eager to learn the essential game animation workflow used at real studios. That way when you’re applying to animate at game studios, you’ll be well ahead of the curve!

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