How long does it take to make a western saddle?

How long does it take to make a western saddle?

Depending on the complexity and amount of tooling, a saddle can take me anywhere from one to three months, usually, after I get the tree. The tree takes about 6 weeks to build from start to finish, and most good custom treemakers have long waiting lists.

How much does a handmade western saddle cost?

California 60,487.00 3,740.20
Colorado 60,940.00 3,759.89
Connecticut 70,161.00 4,160.64
Delaware 57,522.00 3,611.34

What tools do you need to make a saddle?

Saddle Making Tools

  1. 1/16″ Osborne Bent Edge Tool – OT133S2. $44.00.
  2. Saddle Maker’s Groover. $19.95.
  3. “Peg” Awl Hasp – OT143. $16.95.
  4. Osborne Stitching Awl 2″ – OT54. $7.95.
  5. Osborne Harness Awl 2 1/4″ $6.50.
  6. Osborne Harness Awl 2 3/4″ – OT48. $7.00.
  7. American Straight Needle W/Hook – 2429. $9.50.
  8. Complete Awl Haft Set – 3209. $32.00.

How much do custom made saddles cost?

We specialize in making traditional Wade style saddles, but we offer to make a saddle any way you want—any style, fit to any horse (or mule), and fit to any rider, guaranteed—from basic to elaborate. Base price starts at $4,700 for a completed saddle.

How many hours does it take to build a saddle?

How long does it take to make a saddle? It’s pretty much a 40-hour job for a basic saddle. If it’s being tooled then the whole thing has to be taken apart, tooled and put back together. The tooling is very time consuming and can easily add 25 hours to the job.

How much leather does it take to build a saddle?

Approximately 75 leather and foam parts of different shape, size and thickness are needed to make a saddle.

How do you put a western saddle on a horse?

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with your left foot near the horse’s left hoof and your right foot slightly behind your left. Swing your torso and hoist the saddle up, so that your right arm ends up draped across the horse’s back. This should land the saddle right on the saddle pad, on your horse’s back.

How do I measure my horse for a western saddle?

Measure the Western saddle tree size using the solder wire by placing it across the saddle gullet two inches below its most narrow section. Press firmly and make sure to get the angles correct. The gullet is the tunnel of the front of the saddle which sits over the horses withers or shoulder blades.

How long should the skirt of a western saddle be?

An average Quarter Horse has a rib cage about 19 inches long. A Western saddle with a seat length of 16 inches is going to have a tree with a bar length of around 22-23 inches with skirts that are around 24-27 inches which obviously is going to extend beyond the last rib.

What is the best saddle brand?

Dover Saddlery. Even non-equestrians are aware of this popular brand.

  • Wintec. Wintec was founded in 1986,now it’s well-known worldwide.
  • Antares. Thousands of customers are claimed Antares is one of the best English saddle brands.
  • Prestige. Prestige is an Italian brand with dealers all over the globe.
  • Stubben.
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