How long is the Deloitte hiring process?

How long is the Deloitte hiring process?

4 months, 5 interviews.

How long does Deloitte take to get back to you after applying?

You’ll know within a few days if your assessment didn’t meet our benchmarks. If it did, we’ll consider your full application and get back to you within 2 weeks.

What GPA do you need for Deloitte?

Here’s the good news – a great resume will pass at Deloitte and at McKinsey. And even better news – you only need one amazing consulting resume. Besides the standard set of elements your resume must have for top consulting firms – a GPA of at least 3.5, a degree from a target school, high standardized test scores, etc.

Does Deloitte look at grades?

As much as firms say they care, grades are only one item on a checklist of things they look for. Basically, even if you’re grades are fantastic, they’re just one part of your profile. You need a good base in high school and college, so that your grades don’t limit you in any way.

What’s new at Deloitte University?

Deloitte’s transition to a hybrid workplace model and new vaccine requirements. Explore Deloitte University like never before through a cinematic movie trailer and films of popular locations throughout Deloitte University. Learn more about our people, our culture, and what makes us different.

Do you have the potential to succeed at Deloitte Consulting?

Above all, if you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, we’re confident you have the potential to succeed at Deloitte Consulting LLP (“Deloitte Consulting”). We invite you to apply to the Deloitte Consulting Immersion Program (DCIP) Summit, a premier event for the incoming MBA/Master’s class of 2022.

Why work at Deloitte?

Dream big. Achieve bigger. However you seek to make your impact on the world, Deloitte is here to help empower and support your success. From internships and on-the-job learning to well-being and inclusion, we’re committed to helping you connect, belong, and grow.

What is a client service internship at Deloitte?

Client Service Internship Deloitte’s Client Service Internship is typically for undergraduate juniors and advanced degree students, and provides an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in professional services and take on roles similar to those of a full-time hire.

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