How many amps is es16clb battery?

How many amps is es16clb battery?

OR16CL-B Battery Specifications: Capacity: 19 Amp Hour. CCA: 280.

How long will a Walmart car battery last?

How long a Walmart car battery lasts depends if you have EverStart Value, Plus, or Maxx. Base on our experience, the EverStart Value can last between two to three years. While the top of the line, EverStart Maxx lasts anywhere from three to five years.

Who makes Walmart Maxx batteries?

EverStart batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, the sole supplier of these batteries to Walmart as of 2022. Johnson Controls is a major battery manufacturer and its EverStart batteries are low-maintenance, of high quality, and last for long. These cost between $50-$130, depending on type and size.

How much does Walmart charge to put a battery in?

Walmart Auto Services Prices

Item Price
Battery Installation FREE $0.00 4.5
Battery Installation Non-Walmart Purchased $10.00 4.0
Battery Non-Corrosion Treatment $3.50 5.0
Battery Terminal End Replacement $5.00 5.0

Where is the es16clb everstart made?

The ES16CLB EverStart battery can be looked up under the manufacturer stock code which is . All ES16CLB EverStart WalMart motorcycle batteries are made in China. This 12V battery has 280 CCA and 19 Ah. It comes with only a 3 Mo. manufacturer warranty.

What is the Walmart es16clb power sport motorcycle battery?

The WalMart ES16CLB power sport motorcycle battery, sold under the EverStart brand name, is of the Flooded High Performance type. This means it is not currently activated and the end user will need to fill with acid and charge before using for the first time. This type of battery may leak acid if found on its side or over heated.

What is the replacement battery for the 16cl-b-BS battery?

AGM replacement battery for any 16CL-B-BS battery. Battery is activated in-store at the time of purchase and ready to use in minutes. Core Deposit: $10.00?

What are the replacement parts numbers for a yb16cl-b battery?

There are many competing motorcycle battery brands; the Original Equipment Manufacturer part is YB16CL-B and some of the replacement battery part numbers are: MBTX20U,PC625,UB16CL-B,UT16CL,MBTX20UHD. We apologize, there was an issue contacting the server.

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