How many countries are the members of WTO?

How many countries are the members of WTO?

159 countries
159 countries are currently members of the WTO….

Country Date of accession
Moldova 26 July 2001
China 11 December 2001
Chinese Taipei 1 January 2002
Armenia 5 February 2003

What countries are a part of the WTO?

Afghanistan — 29 July 2016.

  • Albania — 8 September 2000.
  • Angola — 23 November 1996.
  • Antigua and Barbuda — 1 January 1995.
  • Argentina — 1 January 1995.
  • Armenia — 5 February 2003.
  • Australia — 1 January 1995.
  • Austria — 1 January 1995.
  • Who is the last member of WTO?

    Afghanistan is the newest member, joining effective 29 July 2016. Russia was one of the only two large economies outside of the WTO after Saudi Arabia joined in 2005. It had begun negotiating to join the WTO’s predecessor in 1993.

    Is the United States a member of the WTO?

    The United States is an original member of the WTO and a steadfast supporter of the rules-based multilateral trading system that it governs. Working through the WTO, the United States is able to protect and advance the economic interests of American businesses and workers while opening foreign markets.

    Is the Russia a member of the WTO?

    Russian Federation and the WTO. This page gathers key information on the Russian Federation’s participation in the WTO. The Russian Federation has been a member of WTO since 22 August 2012.

    What are the benefits of joining the WTO?

    Benefits of WTO membership

    • — Participation in the development of new rules and principles of international trade.
    • — Export diversification.
    • — Transparent, predictable and attractive investment regime.
    • — Increase of sovereign credit ratings.
    • — Strengthening positions in trade disputes.

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    Who are the member states of the WTO?

    Member states of the WTO – World Trade Organization Country Commencement Population Area Albania 2000 2.85 M 29,000 km² Angola 1996 31.83 M 1,247,000 km² Antigua and Barbuda 1995 0.10 M 440 km² Argentina 1995 44.94 M 2,780,000 km²

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