How many dogs can I have in Sudbury?

How many dogs can I have in Sudbury?

Limit for dogs and cats To encourage fostering of homeless dogs and cats, foster families of dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age may keep a maximum of three unaltered dogs and three unaltered cats for up to 48 hours so that a permanent home or veterinary service can be arranged. Breeders have exemptions.

Can you own a monkey in Sudbury?

There is a similar bylaw in Sudbury, stating which animals may be kept as pets, and monkeys are not on the list of approved pets, according to Richard Paquette Sr., manager of the Rainbow District Animal Shelter.

How many pets can you own in Sudbury Ontario?

Greater Sudbury is considering increasing the number of pets residents can own, one of three options city council will consider at its July 12 meeting. The current rules limit ownership to two dogs, four cats or a combined total of four cats and dogs per household. For working farms, the limit is four dogs or six cats.

What is the pet limit?

Current laws limit household pets to three dogs and three cats. The new law would up the limit to five and five. If passed, this will have a massive impact on the 26,000 animals that currently meet their end in the Los Angeles City shelter system.

How many dogs can you own in Ontario on a farm?

-4 dog per household limit. -All animals in the adopters care must be fixed unless reasonable reasons are given as to why not.

How many cats can you own in Ontario?

Welcome to the three one one Toronto website The City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 349 states that no person can keep more than three (3) dogs and six (6) cats in and about any dwelling unit.

How many cats can you legally own in Ontario?

How do I report an animal control violation in Sudbury?

Greater Sudbury By-law Compliance and Enforcement Officers work seven days a week and evenings to follow-up on complaints about potential infractions of the municipal animal control by-law. For any questions or to report an animal control by-law complaint, call 311 (TTY: 705-688-3919).

What does the Greater Sudbury animal shelter do?

The Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter provides a temporary home for dogs and cats found injured, abandoned or roaming at large in our community. Our goal is to reunite dogs and cats with their owners.

How do I get a pet licence in Sudbury?

Pet licences and tags are available online at .The Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter continues to accept visitors by appointment only. Please contact 311 to make arrangements.

What are the by-laws of the city of Sudbury?

A By-law of the City of Greater Sudbury to Regulate the Keeping of Animals, Responsible Pet Ownership and the Registration of Dogs and Cats Whereas sections 8, 9 and 1 0 of the Municipal Act, 2001 authorize a municipality to pass by-laws necessary or desirable for municipal purposes, and in particular, paragraphs 5, 8

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