How many episodes of trauma team are there?

How many episodes of trauma team are there?

The game features six episodic storylines focusing on six doctors specialising in varying medical fields: Maria Torres; a paramedic, Gabriel Cunningham; a diagnostician, Naomi Kimishima returns as a forensics expert, CR-S01; a general surgeon, Tomoe Tachibana; an endoscopic surgeon, and Hank Freebird; an orthopedic …

What is Trauma Center game about?

Trauma Team2010
Trauma Center: Under the Knife 22008Trauma Center: New Blood2007Trauma Center: Second Opinion2006Trauma Center: Under the Knife2005
Trauma Center/Games

What guns do trauma team use?

Each trauma team squad has their own TTI Medical AV-4A, a light-weight Aerodyne made of composite materials. The pilot mans the AV-4A, while the co-pilot mans the vehicle’s front-mounted gatling gun.

How do you get trauma team Armor cyberpunk?

Can be purchased from the Clothing Vendor in Red Peaks, the Badlands.

Who is involved in a trauma team?

A trauma team leader or supervisor, who coordinates the resuscitation and ensures adherence to guidelines, should lead the trauma team. There is a major national and international variety in trauma team composition, however crucial are a surgeon, an Emergency Medicine physician or both and anaesthetist.

Who made trauma team?

Trauma Team/Developers

Where does trauma team take place?

Resurgam First Care
Trauma Team takes place at some point after the events of Second Opinion, though it is not directly connected to the rest of the series. The action takes place around the locality of Resurgam First Care, a fictional hospital in the United States where many of the protagonists work.

How much does trauma team cost cyberpunk?

Business Model (2020) This plan costs either $500 per month, or $5,550 with a yearly plan discount. In the event that a Trauma Team is dispatched, the customer/patient also had to pay E$100 for every minute until arrival at the nearest corporate hospital.

Is Trauma Team the same as 6 doctors?

Trauma Team, released in Japan as Hospital.: 6 Doctors (HOSPITAL.: 6人の医師), is a game published by Atlus for the Wii. Despite many similarities and to the Trauma Center series, including the appearance of previously established characters, Atlus state that it is a separate project.

What is the gameplay of trauma team like?

The gameplay of Trauma Team is divided between invasive medical procedures such as surgery and endoscopy (above), and dialogue-based diagnosis and forensic medicine (below). Trauma Team is a video game that combines simulation gameplay with non-interactive visual novel storytelling using fully-voiced motion comic segments.

Is there a 5th trauma center game?

Outside Japan, the game was titled ” Trauma Team “, more clearly showing its relation to the Trauma Center series. The game is the fifth and to date final game in the Trauma Center series, and the third developed for the Wii. Previously scheduled for a North American release in April, the date was later delayed to May 18, 2010.

What is tratrauma team?

Trauma Team is a video game that combines simulation gameplay with non-interactive visual novel storytelling using fully-voiced motion comic segments. The campaign is split between six medical-themed disciplines; surgery, emergency medicine, endoscopy, diagnosis, orthopedics and forensic medicine.

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