How many fights Royce Gracie lost?

How many fights Royce Gracie lost?

Royce Gracie Record: 15-2-3

W/L Fighter Method
loss Royce Gracie Matt Hughes KO/TKO Punches
draw Royce Gracie Hidehiko Yoshida Other
loss Royce Gracie Kazushi Sakuraba KO/TKO
win Royce Gracie Nobuhiko Takada U-DEC

Do the Gracies still fight?

Roger Gracie is one of the few Gracies who is still currently fighting. Roger is 4-1 in his MMA career, and went 4-0 before dropping a first round knockout to Muhammed Lawal at a Strikeforce event in 2011. Roger has now decided to drop to the middleweight division, and will begin training at Team Black House.

Does Royce Gracie teach BJJ?

Together they opened the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy twenty years ago in Torrance, California. Although Royce no longer teaches there, it remains one of the largest martial arts schools in the country.

Why did Royce Gracie pull out of UFC 3?

History. UFC 3 used an eight-man tournament format, with the winner receiving $60,000. The tournament had no weight classes or weight limits. This was the first UFC tournament that was not won by Royce Gracie (who could not continue due to fatigue).

Who was the best Gracie fighter?

Rickson Gracie is widely regarded as the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner of all time. The 9th-degree red belt (the highest level attainable) is simply the epitome of the word icon.

Why did Kron Gracie move to Montana?

In January 2021, Gracie revealed that he would be moving back to Montana in order to open a new BJJ school as a result of restrictions in place to combat the Coronavirus pandemic in California. Gracie is an outspoken defender of the flat Earth conspiracy theory.

Does Royce Gracie have a gym?

Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy of Los Angeles | Harbor City Martial Arts & Fitness. This place is great and Extremely addictive, do your children and yourselves a favor and come train here. Top notch, clean, professionally run facility.

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