How many think tanks are there?

How many think tanks are there?

More than half of all think tanks that exist today were established after 1980. This article lists global policy institutes according to continental categories and then sub-categories by country within those areas. These listings are not comprehensive, given that more than 7,500 think tanks exist worldwide.

Which country has the most think tanks?

Countries with the largest number of think tanks in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2020

Characteristic Number of think tanks
Argentina 262
Brazil 190
Mexico 109
Colombia 90

What are think tanks and who are examples?

A think tank is an organization that gathers a group of interdisciplinary scholars to perform research around particular policies, issues or ideas. For example, a government think tank may involve planning national defense strategies while commercial projects may include developing or testing new technologies.

How do I find a think tank?

Directories of Think Tanks

  1. Go To Global Think Tank Index. Annual report that ranks over 6,600 global think tanks.
  2. Open Think Tank Directory.
  3. Think Tanks and N.G.O.’s.
  5. Non-U.S. Think Tanks by Region.
  6. Google NGO Search.

How much money do think tanks make?

According to Payscale, the average think tank salary in the United States is $61,813 in 2020.

Is UN a think tank?

The United Nations University (UNU) currently ranks 6th among the world’s “Best Government-Affiliated Think Tanks”, and its World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) ranks 6th among the global “Top-Thirty International Development Think Tanks”.

Can you start your own think tank?

You could start by studying and supporting policy decisions at the municipal level (maybe the municipality where the think tank is based), then move up to the city level and then aim for national politics.

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