How many VCA locations are there?

How many VCA locations are there?

VCA Animal Hospitals

Trade name VCA Animal Hospitals
Number of locations 1000+ animal hospitals (2020)
Areas served United States and Canada
Revenue US$2.1 billion (2015)
Owner Mars, Incorporated

Are VCA and Banfield the same?

Banfield and VCA Are Under Same Corporate Umbrella.

Is VCA Animal Hospital nationwide?

We’ve got you covered. With VCA’s 6,000+ compassionate veterinarians, more than 600 board-certified specialists, and 1,000+ animal hospitals located in 46 US states and 5 Canadian provinces, you are always in good hands.

When did Mars buy VCA?

Jan. 9, 2017
Mars, Incorporated to Acquire VCA Inc. MCLEAN, VA. and LOS ANGELES, CA., Jan. 9, 2017 – Mars, Incorporated and VCA Inc.

Is Banfield PetSmart or Petco?

Founded in 1955, the company operates many of its 1,000 plus clinics inside PetSmart stores. Banfield is the largest privately owned veterinary practice in the United States….Banfield Pet Hospital.

Type Subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated

Is Banfield owned by Mars?

Mars Petcare announced Oct. Mars Petcare owns Banfield Pet Hospital and pet food brands such as Royal Canin and Pedigree, making it the largest pet nutrition and veterinary care provider in the world.

Is Banfield separating from PetSmart?

PetSmart no longer has an ownership share of Banfield.

How much did Mars pay for VCA?

9, 2017 – Mars, Incorporated and VCA Inc. (NASDAQ:WOOF) today announced that they have entered an agreement under which Mars will acquire all of the outstanding shares of VCA for $93 per share, or a total value of approximately $9.1 billion including $1.4 billion in outstanding debt.

How many VCA hospitals are there?

With VCA’s hospitals 4700 compassionate veterinarians, more than 525+ board-certified specialists and 750+ animal hospitals located in 43 US states and 5 Canadian provinces, you are always in good hands.

What does VCA stand for?

VCA Animal Hospitals is a trade name of veterinary medicine company VCA, Inc. (Veterinary Centers of America), an operator of veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada. It operates more than 750 animal hospitals in the United States and Canada. The company is based in Los Angeles.

What is VCA Cedar animal hospital?

Welcome to VCA Cedar Animal Hospital, located in South Minneapolis. We enjoy caring for a wide variety of species, including dogs, cats, small mammals, birds and reptiles. We are a full-service veterinary hospital offering medical and surgical services, as well as dental care.

Why work at VCA?

Where the largest animal health network in North America feels just like home. Where being the best and learning from the best go hand in hand. to stay connected and informed about news, events and opportunities. Check out why VCA is a great place to work…

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