How many zumiez are there in Canada?

How many zumiez are there in Canada?

As of January 30, 2021, Zumiez operated 52 stores throughout Canada….Number of Zumiez stores worldwide in 2020, by country.

Country Number of stores
United States 597
Canada 52
Germany 25
Austria 15

How many stores does Georgian Mall have?

Georgian Mall located in Barrie (Ontario – L4M 4Z8, Canada)

Number of stores: Georgian Mall contains 132 stores, restaurants, services
Address: 509 Bayfield St., Barrie, Ontario – ON L4M 4Z8, Canada
GPS: 44.41231, -79.707978
State: Ontario
City: Barrie

Who owns Georgian Mall?

RioCan Real Estate Investment TrustGeorgian Mall / OwnerRioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is the second-largest real estate investment trust in Canada. It has an enterprise value of approximately $14 billion, and owns 289 primarily retail properties, with a net leasable area of 44 million square feet. The company properties are located across Canada. Wikipedia

What kind of store is zumiez?

specialty clothing store
Zumiez Inc. (/ˈzuːmiz/) is an American multinational specialty clothing store founded by Thomas Campion and Gary Haakenson in 1978, and publicly traded since 2005. The company is a specialty retailer of apparel, footwear, accessories and hardgoods for young men and women.

How many stores does zumiez have 2021?

727 stores
About Zumiez Inc. As of August 28, 2021 , we operated 727 stores, including 603 in the United States , 52 in Canada , 55 in Europe and 17 in Australia .

Who is the owner of Zumiez?

Founder Tom Campion
Zumiez Founder Tom Campion and His Crazy, Winning Culture. The story of No. 1 sales person Kelly Sanders illustrates how that culture comes to life and helps to propel Zumiez’s success.

When was the Georgian Mall built?

History. Georgian Mall originally opened in 1968 with Sears as its only department store and Dominion as a supermarket.

How many square feet is Georgian Mall?

Georgian Mall is the largest commercial centre in Barrie, Ontario, with 180 stores and services over a 620,000 square foot area….Barrie, Ontario.

Annual traffic 5,665,163
Gross area 620,000 ft²
Time spent per visit 79.0 minutes
Number of visits per month 2.9
Average purchase during a visit $ 97.27

What brands are owned by Zumiez?

Zumiez’s product mix now included brand names such as Billabong, Burton, DC Shoe, DVS Shoes, Element, Etnies, Hurley, Quiksilver, Roxy, and Volcom, along with its own private brands, which accounted for 12 percent of total sales.

Is zumiez going out of business?

LYNNWOOD, Wash., March 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zumiez Inc. This temporary closure of stores is expected to last until April 3, 2020 but it could be shorter or longer depending on guidance and direction from government and health officials. …

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