How much do Leafs playoff tickets cost?

How much do Leafs playoff tickets cost?

Maple Leafs announce playoff ticket prices

Location Regular Season Round 1
Blue $64 $100
Red $115 $175
Club side $140 $210
Gold side $160 $240

How much are Lightning playoff tickets?

How Much Are Tampa Bay Lightning Playoff Tickets

Game Avg Get-In
GM 6 @ Islanders $526 $260
GM 7 @Lightning $818 $258
Series $601
Lightning Avg $614

Do season ticket holders get playoff tickets NHL?

If you are in good standing under these Terms and Conditions and are current and fully paid up with respect to your Season Tickets for all Games in the Regular Season, you will be provided with the opportunity to purchase tickets to use the seats at NHL Playoff Games for the 2021-22 Regular Season.

Did the Leafs make the playoffs?

Toronto Maple Leafs eliminated from the NHL playoffs after 3-1 loss to Montreal in Game 7 | CTV News.

How much are lightning tickets?

Tampa Bay Lightning Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020-21 Amalie Arena $224
2019-20 Amalie Arena $74
2018-19 Amalie Arena $77
2017-18 Amalie Arena $71

How much are lightning tickets for the game 7?

Those numbers go up as the best-of-seven series moves forward. For Game 2, the average purchase price was $712, with the cheapest ticket at $386. As for Game 7, should the series go all the way? That would be $2,000 a ticket on average, with the least expensive option at $1,035.

How much is a NHL ticket?

National Hockey League average ticket price by team in 2019/20 (in U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Ticket price in U.S. dollars
New York Rangers 120.93
Chicago Blackhawks 109.23
Vegas Golden Knights 104.36
Boston Bruins 102.51

How many times have the Leafs made the playoffs?

Over their 103 seasons, the Leafs have won 3000 regular season games, accumulated six division championships, led the league in points six times, appeared in the playoffs 70 times, gained eight O’Brien Cup championships, and won 13 Stanley Cup titles.

How much are tickets to the Stanley Cup?

Over at StubHub, the cheapest tickets are still a bit cheaper at just under $400; the best ones are running from around $3,000 to $7,650.

What division did the Toronto Maple Leafs play in 2013?

The 2013–14 Toronto Maple Leafs season was the 97th season for the National Hockey League (NHL) franchise that was established on November 22, 1917. Due to a realignment that was approved on March 14, 2013, by the NHL’s Board of Governors, the Maple Leafs played this season in the eight-team Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference.

What happened to the Leafs’fourth-round pick in 2013?

The Toronto Maple Leafs ‘ fourth-round pick went to the St. Louis Blues as the result of a trade on June 30, 2013, that sent a seventh-round pick in 2013 (203rd overall) and a fourth-round pick in 2014 to Nashville in exchange for this pick.

When did the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs start?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs of the National Hockey League (NHL) began on April 30, 2013, following the conclusion of the 2012–13 NHL regular season.

Who did the Toronto Maple Leafs play in the Winter Classic?

The Maple Leafs played in the NHL Winter Classic against the Detroit Red Wings on January 1, 2014, at Michigan Stadium, the home of the University of Michigan football team. The Leafs won 3–2.

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