How much does a horse trainer cost?

How much does a horse trainer cost?

On average, lessons (an instruction session when you are present and riding the horse) and training (a session between the trainer and the horse) cost between $30 and $100 per half hour.

Can you hire someone to train your horse?

Rather than hiring a professional to help them train and/or find a horse appropriate to their goals and abilities, they strike out on their own. And often have results similar to mine with the do-it-yourself car. Before you hire a trainer, set up a time to talk to him or her about your goals and budget.

Who is a famous horse trainer?


Rank Trainer Name Earnings
*1 Steven M. Asmussen $375,084,520
2 Dale Baird $35,326,403
*3 Jerry Hollendorfer $204,112,317
4 Jack C. Van Berg $85,925,482

Who is the best horse trainer in the US?

Top 100 Trainers by North American Race Earnings.

# Trainer Trainer
1 Steven M. Asmussen Steven M. Asmussen
2 Bob Baffert Baffert
3 Brad H. Cox Brad H. Cox
4 Todd A. Pletcher Todd A. Pletcher

How do I find a good horse trainer?

The American Quarter Horse Association (806-376-4811, is a great resource for finding a reputable trainer in your area in any number of disciplines. The organization catalogs and refers trainers accredited by a panel of experts.

Who is the number 1 horse trainer in the world?

Steven M. Asmussen

Rank Trainer Name Starts
1 Steven M. Asmussen 62
2 Bob Baffert 8
3 Brad H. Cox 23
4 Todd A. Pletcher 21

Who is the most successful horse trainer in the world?

TRC Global Trainers Rankings 02 January 2022 Subscribe

Rank Last week Name
1 1 Charlie Appleby
2 2 Chad C Brown
3 3 John & Thady Gosden
4 4 Bob Baffert

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