How much does a moon boot cost?

How much does a moon boot cost?

CAM Walker (Moon Boot) purchase costs: $240 for purchase of the Rebound Air Walker*.

Where are Tecnica Moon Boots made?

Moon Boot is a snow boot brand first created as après-ski wear in the early 1970s by manufacturer Tecnica Group of Giavera del Montello in Italy….Moon Boot.

Industry Footwear
Headquarters Giavera del Montello , Italy
Products Footwear for women/men, accessories
Parent Tecnica Group

Are moon boots lightweight?

A look down inside the Moon Boot reveals its thick, yet lightweight polyester insulation. If you’re standing still out in the cold, these boots are surprisingly warm.

Do moon boots come up big?

They are big, but not in an awkward way. I receive so many compliments on them from both men and women. They fit me like a standard women’s 8 shoe would, so I believe they do run a bit small. I LOVE my MOON BOOTS!!!!

Are there different types of moon boots?

Moon boots come in many different varieties – some with open toes, some that finish lower on the leg and some that finish right below the knee. The one you get depends completely on your injury and what is going to get the best results for you, so should be prescribed by your Podiatrist.

How long do you wear a moon boot for?

Orthopedic boots protect broken bones and other injuries of the lower leg, ankle, or foot. They prevent more damage and help the area heal. Your doctor may have you use a boot for 1 to 6 weeks.

What is the point of moon boots?

The function of a moon boot is to offload the injured area, whether that be a bone, a tissue, a muscle or anything else. It is indicated as a gold standard part of clinical treatment for a number of injuries.

Can Moon Boots get wet?

It is important to keep your boot dry. If the boot gets wet this can lead to moisture getting trapped under the CAM walker, potentially leading to skin irritation and bacteria growth. This is particularly important for people with diabetes or recovering from a wound or surgery as it can increase the risk of infection.

Can you get a moon boot wet?

What does the size conversion mean on Moonboot nylon ® Boots?

The conversion is meant just as an indication. Original from Italy by Tecnica – made in super lightweight materials, water-resistant and very warm! -35° C. Moonboot Nylon ® fits more sizes in one: 39-41 is one size but fits from 39 to size 41. The height of the boots will change with the size.

What is Moon Boot®?

Inspired by the footwear worn by astronauts during the 1969 lunar landing, Moon Boot® combines technical features with a contemporary look.

What are some of the best snow boots for women?

Discover women’s snow boots including the Icon, ProTECHt and LAB69 designs. Inspired by the footwear worn by astronauts during the 1969 lunar landing, Moon Boot® combines technical features with a contemporary look.

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