How much does a nice casket cost?

How much does a nice casket cost?

A casket is often the most expensive item that factors into the average funeral cost. Caskets vary widely in style, material, design, and price. An average casket costs between $2,000-$5,000 and is typically either metal or a cheaper wood, but some caskets can sell for as much as $10,000 or more.

How much does an oversized casket cost?

Obese individuals may require an oversize casket, which measures anywhere between 28 and 51 inches wide. Because of their larger size, these models are more expensive than their smaller counterparts, costing an average of $1,550 to $4,150.

What is the best casket to buy?

Bronze and copper are the most durable metals and are non-rusting. They will, over time, oxidize, but in general, they are considered to be the most long-lasting. Bronze and copper are measured by weight per square foot. Therefore, a 48-ounce copper casket is 50% heavier than a 32-ounce model.

How much is a wholesale casket?

Wholesale casket prices vary from less than $300 to more than $8,000. Factors that affect the cost of caskets include: the material from which the casket is constructed (cloth-covered wood or cloth-covered corrugated fiber board);

How much does a funeral cost in Illinois?

The cost of a funeral in Illinois can range from $2,770 to $10,000 or more depending on the service you are provided….Service Costs by Type.

Service Type Average Cost Price Range
Direct Cremation $1,385 $550 – $3,540
Immediate Burial $1,790 $650 – $4,400

Is embalming required in Illinois?

Embalming is not required in Illinois; however, if the body is not buried or cremated within a certain time, embalming or refrigeration may be desirable to preserve the remains. Preservation is not an issue for certain methods of disposition such as cremation or immediate burial.

How much does it cost to cremate a body in Illinois?

Service Costs by Type

Service Type Average Cost Price Range
Direct Cremation $1,385 $550 – $3,540
Immediate Burial $1,790 $650 – $4,400
Cremation Memorial $3,295 $1,775 – $5,820
Full Service $6,547 $2,770 – $10,325

Can I be buried without a coffin in Illinois?

No law requires a casket for burial.

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