How much does Andy Cohen make in a year?

How much does Andy Cohen make in a year?

And clearly, Andy’s yearly salary has increased over the years, because back in 2016, E! News reported that he was making about $2 million…which means he potentially got a raise of $8 million at some point.

How much does Andy Cohen make from real housewives?

The TV personality reportedly makes an annual $10million salary off his deals with the Bravo network and other partnerships.

Is Andy Cohen producer of Real Housewives?

The ‘Housewives’ are going international! Andy Cohen reveals new franchise on TODAY. It all started with “The Real Housewives of Orange County” back in 2006, and now the executive producer behind the beloved “Housewives” announces what’s next.

Is Andy Cohen a billionaire?

As of 2022, Andy Cohen’s net worth is approximately $50 Million….

Net Worth: $50 Million
Age: 52
Born: June 2, 1968
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Talk Show Host

Who is Andy Cohen’s best friend?

Cohen co-hosted a bash with his best friend, restaurateur Bruce Bozzi, to celebrate Bozzi’s new spirit, Mujen, which he co-founded with Sondra Baker.

What does Andy Cohen do for a living?

Andrew Joseph Cohen (born June 2, 1968) is an American radio and television talk show host, producer, and writer. He is the host and executive producer of Bravo’s late night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Cohen also has a pop culture channel on Sirius XM named Radio Andy.

How old is Andy Cohen now?

Andy Cohen was born on 2nd June 1968 to parents Evelyn and Lou Cohen in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. He is an American and has the citizenship of United States of America. He belongs to a Jewish family. During his childhood, he attended Camp Nebagamon For Boys in Lake Nabagamon, Wisconsin.

What book did Andy Cohen write?

“Andy Cohen chats about his Warholian book, ‘The Andy Cohen Diaries ‘ “. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved June 13, 2018. ^ “Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction”. The New York Times. November 30, 2014. Retrieved April 28, 2018. ^ “Radio Andy on SiriusXM”. SiriusXM. Retrieved August 11, 2018. ^ Daley, Megan (September 9, 2015).

Is Andy Cohen a producer of the Real Housewives?

Yes. Andrew Joseph Cohen, better known as Andy Cohen, is Emmy Award-winning host, producer and author best known as the host and executive producer of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He also serves as an executive producer of The Real Housewives Franchise.

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