How much does it cost to restore a clawfoot tub?

How much does it cost to restore a clawfoot tub?

The average cost to refinish a clawfoot tub is $300 to $650, depending on the size and condition. Clawfoot tub issues such as erosion, rust, pinholes, scarring, lead paint, or chips need to be addressed before reglazing. Refinishing takes 4 to 5 hours and typically comes with a 3 to 10-year warranty.

How much is a cast iron claw foot tub worth?

Cost to Purchase a Cast-Iron Clawfoot Tub A brand-new, cast-iron clawfoot tub typically costs $2,000-$5,000, depending on the size and accessories that come with it.

Can old cast iron tubs be refinished?

What is Cast Iron Tub Refinishing? Bathtub refinishing involves sanding down the tub’s surface, filling in cracks and applying several coats of primer before rebuffing. For example, an outdated tub and surrounding tile can be refinished at the same time.

How much does it cost to refinish a cast iron tub?

How much does it cost to refinish a cast iron tub? For an average cost of $350 to $500—a fraction of the $1,200 to $5,000 expense of a new cast-iron or steel tub installed—refinishers can make an antique fixture look brand new.

How much can you sell an old clawfoot tub for?

The cost increases for any tubs smaller or larger than 5′ or for any tub that is unusual in any way – a wide, flat rim, a slipper-style tub, ornate feet, etc. A 5′ roll rim tub may sell for $50 while a 5′ French double-ended clawfoot tub may sell for $2000.

Is a cast iron bath tub worth anything?

The resale value of an old cast iron tub will depend on its style, size, condition, and more. Used cast iron bathtubs in good condition sell for anywhere from $300 to over $2,000 on eBay. The resale value of the tub will vary based on: Brand: Vintage and antique cast iron bathtubs can be worth a lot of money.

Can cast iron bathtubs be recycled?

Interestingly, cast-iron tubs can be surprisingly resource-efficient, with new tubs containing up to 80 percent recycled materials. And if you find a nice vintage cast iron tub with a good finish, it’s 100 percent recycled.

What is a cast iron tub?

A cast iron tub is the most durable tub of all. It is coated with enamel but doesn’t chip as easily as it is coated thicker than on steel tubs. Initially, a cast iron tub will draw the heat from your bathwater but will then keep the water warm much longer.

What is claw tub?

Slipper tub. The clawfoot tub or claw-foot tub was considered a luxury item in the late 19th century, originally made from cast iron and lined with porcelain. Modern technology has contributed to a drop in the price of clawfoot tubs, which may now be made of fiberglass, acrylic or other modern materials.

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