How much is a Bob Feller autograph worth?

How much is a Bob Feller autograph worth?

A Bob Feller single signed baseball is worth about $40. – $60. A Bob Feller signed Photo is worth about $30.

Did Bob Feller see combat?

You Never Forget Combat Feller, who served in combat as captain of a 40-millimeter anti-aircraft mount, enjoyed celebrity status among Sailors, who often asked for his autograph or came by to chat.

How fast did Bob Feller actually throw?

Feller once mentioned that he was clocked at 104 mph (167 km/h) at Lincoln Park in Chicago. He also is credited with throwing the second fastest pitch ever officially recorded, at 107.6 mph (173.2 km/h), in a game in 1946 at Griffith Stadium.

What did Bob Feller do in the Navy?

Feller was assigned to the USS Alabama, aboard which he served as a gun captain. During his service, he played baseball for the Naval Station Norfolk and Great Lakes teams and kept his arm in shape by playing catch aboard the ship.

What was Bob Feller’s fastest pitch?

Bob Feller The fastest official speed is 98.6 mph, but there are those who believe he once threw a ball 107.9 mph during a demonstration. Whichever is accurate, Feller absolutely dominated hitters during his time.

What ship did Bob Feller serve on?

the USS Alabama
A prodigy who bypassed the minor leagues, Feller first played for the Indians at the age of 17. His career was interrupted by four years of military service in World War II, during which time he served as Chief Petty Officer aboard the USS Alabama.

What did Bob Feller do in 1956?

Feller was elected the inaugural president of the Major League Baseball Players’ Association in 1956. As president, he appeared before Congress to speak about baseball’s reserve clause. Feller was the first player to get a franchise to agree to a share of game receipts when he was the starting pitcher for Indians’ games.

How many walks did Bob Feller have in 1939?

For the 1938 season, Feller led all pitchers with 208 walks and 240 strikeouts. In 1939, Feller received his first career Opening Day start, against the Tigers, after a match against the Browns was rained out. He won the game 5–1, allowing three hits. : 84 On Mother’s Day, Feller pitched against the Chicago White Sox with his family in attendance.

How many hits did Bob Feller allow in his game?

Later that day, the city held a parade and Feller was the starting pitcher in the Indians’ game against the Detroit Tigers. Feller allowed four hits in the game and earned a win in the Indians’ 4–2 victory. “I was so tired from all the receptions I didn’t know if I could finish the game”, Feller said.

What year did Bob Feller throw a no-hitter?

Feller finished the 1939 season leading the AL in wins (24), complete games (24) and innings pitched (296.2), and led the majors for a second consecutive year in both walks (142) and strikeouts (246). Opening Day of the 1940 season featured a no-hitter from Feller against the Chicago White Sox.

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