How much is a HOG life membership?

How much is a HOG life membership?

For a price of $650, you can join the national HOG club for life. There are other options for a one, two, and three-year renewal.

What is included in HOG membership?

NEW Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owners get a complimentary one-year full membership to H.O.G.™ with bike purchase….

H.O.G.™ Membership Benefits Associate Member | $35 Per Year Full Member | $60 Per Year
H.O.G.™ 10, 25, & 35 Year Member Recognition
H.O.G.™ Membership Card

Do you have to own a Harley to join HOG?

Rules for H.O.G. Full – You must be the registered owner of a Harley-Davidson® bike to be a Full Member. A Full Member can sponsor one Associate membership. Harley-Davidson® provides the purchaser of a new and previously untitled motorcycle with a complimentary one year H.O.G. ® membership.

How many HOG members are there?

Harley Owners Group

Abbreviation HOG
Type Company-sponsored club
Membership 1,000,000+
Affiliations Harley-Davidson

How do you join a hog chapter?

All H.O.G. ® members are eligible to join any affiliated local Chapter by completing the Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release. Applicants are responsible for providing proof of their National membership.

Whats the difference between pigs and hogs?

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What are the benefits of hog?

Full benefits include: the H.O.G. ® membership card, a pin and patch for each year membership is paid, Standard Roadside Insurance (one-time coverage up to $100), access to exclusive H.O.G. ® events, five issues of HOG® magazine annually, the touring handbook and more.

What do HOG chapters do?

What are chapters? Local chapters allow people who share a passion for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles to come together. When joining a local chapter, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to meet with friends, have fun, support worthy causes, and ride! Currently, there are more than 1,400 official H.O.G.

How do you join a HOG chapter?

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How much does a hog membership cost?

The cost of a national HOG membership will depend on the type of membership you sign up for. At the time of this writing, there are three options: a full, associate and life membership. The costs are mentioned in our table below: Prices vary, but resources online say it’s around $650.

What are the benefits of being a hog® member?

H.O.G. ® members enjoy a multitude of benefits ranging from member-only rides and events to milestone achievement recognition. Whether you want to simply come along for the ride, take it year by year, or get in for the long haul, there’s a H.O.G. ® membership to match your passion.

What is included in the hog Plus membership?

Includes all benefits from Full or Associate plus a H.O.G. ® Life member patch and pin, and of course: bragging rights. How do I renew my membership?

What is the cost of a life membership to a gym?

It’s $500.00, with a $40.00 discount for each year you’ve been a member consecutively, for up to 5 years. In other words if you’ve been a member for one year, life membership would be $460.00, 2 years $420.00 and so on, up to five years, when it would be $300.00, which would be as cheap as it would get.

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