How much is a nice apartment in Vietnam?

How much is a nice apartment in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s most expensive city is Ho Chi Minh City, followed by Hanoi. Even in these two places, a couple can enjoy a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle for less than $1,300 per month….Cost of Living in Vietnam.

Expense U.S. $
Apartment rental (one bedroom) $400 to $900
Electricity $60 to $80
Water $2
Cell phone with unlimited data $3

Can I rent an apartment in Vietnam?

If you do not want to be considered about the maintenance of the house, then you will be welcome to rent out a studio apartment in Vietnam city. However, for renting a studio apartment in Vietnam, one would require a one-year minimum contract so that it can be a downside for the renters.

How much does it cost to live in Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City Cost of Living: $750 – $1,300 His monthly cost of living report came in at $724 for an average month, which includes a studio apartment in District 1. After rent, the majority of his expenses can be attributed to street food and coffee.

How much is a luxury apartment in Vietnam?

A luxury apartment in the city center of Ho Chi Minh City can cost upwards of $5,000 per square meter, or $465 per square foot, Sunny Hoang, associate director of International Residential Sales at Savills in Ho Chi Minh City, told Mansion Global. Compared to other cities, that’s an absolute bargain.

Can a foreigner rent an apartment in Vietnam?

For an eligible foreigner to own and maintain an apartment, he/she must reside in Vietnam. A foreigner may not lease their apartment or use it as capital for an enterprise, as a registered office or for any other non-residential purposes.

How do I find an apartment in Hanoi?

5 tips for expats when looking for apartments, houses, rooms in…

  1. Determine your budget for house renting.
  2. Find your best home at convenience location.
  3. Start hunting your dream house.
  4. Walk-through and check all apartment before signing the lease.
  5. Read carefully before signing the lease contract.

How much does a condo cost in Vietnam?

Buying a luxury condo in Ho Chi Minh City often costs upwards of USD 5,000 per square meter though. Naturally, prices vary based on your condo’s location. You might be able to find a 2-bedroom condo for USD 150,000 in a residential district, but you’ll pay much more in the city center.

How much is a nice apartment in Saigon?

The general range for apartments at Icon 56 typically fall within the USD $600 to $1,200 range, depending on the number of bedrooms, the length of your lease, and whether it’s furnished or not. Expect a significant amount more than that if you’re heading there for a short time.

What facilities are included in serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh city?

Serviced apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City District 1 have facilities that include a gym, sauna and pool, with underground parking for tenants included in the monthly price.

Are there apartments for rent in District 2 Ho Chi Minh city?

Apartments for rent in District 2 Ho Chi Minh City tend to be just some of the most expensive i the city, as the area is very popular with long term expats who work and live here. Competition for nice apartments is fierce but there are a multitude of options for apartments in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

Is Ho Chi Minh expensive for expats to live in?

Although Ho chi Minh is not particularly expensive for expats to live in, a cheaper option would be to look for a room for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. A shared apartment is exactly that, the bills, rents and amenities are split between all of the housemates.

Which district is the best in Ho Chi Minh city?

District 2 is also very urbanized and busy but with more of a local business feel to it, with large apartment complexes with easy reach of District 1. District 3 is the the quieter, more authentic neighborhood on this list, offering a taste of the real Ho Chi Minh.

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