How much is it to rent a snowmobile in Denver Colorado?

How much is it to rent a snowmobile in Denver Colorado?

Denver Snowmobile Rental Pricing:

2 Hr Rental – Single Rider $180.00
4 Hr Rental – Single Rider $260.00
4 Hr Rental – Grand Touring Double $340.00
4 Hr Rental – High Performance 600cc Single $320.00
8 Hr Rental – Single Rider $395.00

How much is it to rent a snowmobile at Breckenridge?


Breckenridge Snowmobile Rental Pricing:
2 Hour Rental – Grand Touring Double: $235.00
2 Hour Rental – High Performance Single 600cc: $215.00
3 Hour Rental – Single $220.00
3 Hour Rental – Grand Touring Double $290.00

Can you snowmobile in May in Colorado?

Breckenridge Possible perks to Breckenridge snowmobiling include unparalleled views from the Continental Divide and well-groomed trails in the White River National Forest. One popular groomed area to ride is Georgia Pass Road, which is closed to all vehicular traffic except snowmobiles from late November to late May.

When can you snowmobile in Colorado?

As soon as there is an adequate snow base, then Colorado snowmobile season begins. Most rentals and tours begin operating in mid November and run through March. Both guided and unguided rentals are available, depending on the outfitter.

Are snowmobiles street legal in Colorado?

(1) A snowmobile may be operated on the roadway of a street or highway in this state only as provided in this section. (2) No snowmobile may be operated on the roadway of an interstate highway or freeway except during emergency conditions declared by the proper state authority.

Can you ride double on a snowmobile?

Passengers should be carried only on snowmobiles designed for two passengers, which have an extra seat or longer seat behind the driver, as well as rear handgrips for the passenger. Carrying a passenger on your snowmobile will change the center of gravity and affect your ability to steer the snowmobile.

Can you snowmobile in Breckenridge in April?

Yes! April is one of the best times to ski in Breckenridge. Conditions this time of year are soft and forgiving, which makes it more fun for beginners and experts alike. Thanks to late season snowfall, it’s easy to enjoy Breckenridge’s groomers, bowls, parks and high alpine terrain.

Can you go snowmobiling in Breckenridge?

Breckenridge snowmobiling offers one of winter’s most popular activities, just minutes from downtown Breckenridge. You will enjoy access to some of the most amazing scenery in Colorado! With miles of beautiful trails, these excursions take you into the backcountry of Breckenridge in style.

Where can I Go snowmobiling in Colorado?

SNOWMOBILING IN COLORADO. The closest snowmobiling to Denver would be at the Winter Park Mountain Lodge, located across from the Winter Park Resort. You will see our snowmobiles arriving and departing across the street from the ski area! Our two hour snowmobile tour is the only tour in the county to the Continental Divide!

How do I Register my snowmobile in Colorado?

You may also register your snowmobile at various dealers or many Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices. Please call the Registration Unit at 303-297-1192 for a list of agent locations near you.

Do you offer snowmobile rentals in Estes Park?

We don’t offer snowmobile rentals in Estes Park. Nobody does actually. We just don’t get enough long term deep snow pack for it. We did rent snowmobiles for a few years. As it turned out, 95% of our customers preferred ATV and razor riding in the snow instead.

How long is the snowmobile tour in Winter Park?

Our two hour snowmobile tour is the only tour in the county to the Continental Divide! For those who want the experience of riding up to the Continental Divide at their own pace, try our 2 hour or 4 hour unguided snowmobile rental. Our Fraser Trailblazer Tours in Winter Park / Fraser Valley offers 1 hour and 2 hour family tours.

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