How much is the tuition fee in Holy Cross Davao College?

How much is the tuition fee in Holy Cross Davao College?

2nd Semester 2021-2022

Fee Type Description Old Students
TF Tuition Fee ₱1,146.72
RF Registration Fees 4,428.61

Who is the president of Hcdc?

Julius C. RodulfaHoly Cross of Davao College / President

What is the philosophy of Hcdc?

We provide wider opportunities and excellent services to all students, especially the less fortunate, in order to enhance their capabilities and talents and improve their quality of life.

What is the purpose of Holy Cross of Davao College as envisioned?

The Holy Cross of Davao College envisions a fully vibrant community of believers and Christ-centered evangelizers, educated in the faith, animated by the passion for truth, and engaged in building a more humane world.

In what year Hcdc celebrated its golden jubilee?

Booklet on Integral Evangelization The year 2011 was the Jubilee Year (60th foundation anniversary) of the Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC). We celebrated the year with the theme: 60 Years of Evangelization with Gratitude and Hope!

What is the meaning of the Holy Cross?

The universal symbol of the Christian faith, the cross represents Christ’s victory over death. In some traditions, a cross is oriented to the cardinal directions to represent the universal nature of Christ’s sacrifice and prayers are said for the salvation of all.

What is prayer according to CCC?

Roman Catholic teachings on the subject of prayer are contained in the Catechism, where quoting St. John of Damascus, prayer is defined as “…the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God”. By both, God, to whom one prays, moves the individual to prayer.

What is ex fide ad Veritatem?

Ex Fide Ad Veritatem (Latin) Motto in English. From Faith to Truth.

What order is Holy cross College?

Opened as a school for boys under the auspices of the Society of Jesus, it was the first Jesuit college in New England. Today, Holy Cross is part of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) and the Colleges of Worcester Consortium (COWC)….College of the Holy Cross.

Latin: Collegium Sanctae Crucis

Who created the Holy cross?

Congregatio a Sancta Cruce (Latin)
Abbreviation CSC (post-nominal letters)
Formation March 1, 1837
Founder Blessed Fr. Basile-Antoine Marie Moreau, C.S.C.
Founded at Le Mans, France

Why choose Holy Cross of Davao College?

The Holy Cross of Davao College opens its doors to any applicant who has the desire, qualifications and the capacity for academic works regardless of creed, belief, religion, gender, economic status, political leaning or social strata.

Is Davao College becoming more Catholic in flavor?

The institutional research, Holy Cross of Davao College at 60: Reflection of the Davao Community (2011) recommended that “the entire institution, bound by its role as an evangelizing arm of the Catholic Church, make the school increasingly Catholic in flavor.”

Where is the HCDC campus in Davao City?

HOLY CROSS OF DAVAO COLLEGE, STA. ANA AVENUE CORNER C. DE GUZMAN ST., BRGY. 14-B, DAVAO CITY Visit this website or follow us on our Facebook page to be updated:

Who is the governing body of the Davao school?

It is presently supervised by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Davao (as a corporate sole) The school is governed by board of trustees whose members do not receive any compensation.

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