How much power can you get from a grom?

How much power can you get from a grom?

How Much Power Does The Honda Grom Make? The 2020 Honda Grom uses a 125cc SOHC single-cylinder engine. Honda claims the Grom makes 9.7 hp (7.2 kW) at 7,000 rpm and 8 pound-feet (10.8 Nm) at 5,500 rpm.

What is a SF Grom?

The Honda Grom SF is the perfect all-round bike. The Grom can be a stunt bike, a race bike, a bike to take on a leaisurel ride and everything inb-etween.

How fast is the 2021 Grom?

about 59 MPH
Brakes are single hydraulic discs front and rear, and a the 10-horsepower air-cooled single-cylinder motor is mated to a new five-speed transmission. This brings top speed from 54 to about 59 MPH, although it’s most notable at around-town speeds as it keeps the engine in its powerband more often.

What is the top speed of a 2021 Honda Grom?

This is where you notice the inclusion of a fifth gear, allowing the MSX to sit at this speed without constantly pinging off the redline. This is despite Honda themselves claiming a top speed of just 58.4mph.

How much are Groms?

Honda Grom/MSRP

What year is OG Grom?

The Honda Grom was first released for sale to the public in 2014. It quickly became known as the smallest hooligan bike in the world. It’s also known as the Honda MSX125 and it caught on quickly gaining popularity among younger riders as much appreciated gifts from their parents, but it also has a place with adults.

What are the most common problems with Honda Grom bikes?

Finally, you can expect regular wear and tear from your Honda Grom bike. This is particularly the case if you use your bike a lot and on rougher roads. Some of the most common issues here include worn-out sprockets and chains, torn seat covers and faulty bolts on various moving parts.

What is the a/f ratio for the Honda Grom?

WBC2 model, which we specifically setup for the Honda Grom to run at 13.5 A/F Ratio. The Dynojet Quick Shifter Sensors allow “full throttle, clutch- less” upshifts. These high quality sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable shifting in conjunction with the Power Commander.

Why is the Honda Grom so popular?

The Honda Grom is also known for its awesome ergonomics. From the seat design to the handle, it is built for maximum comfort. This plus the compact design definitely makes it fun to ride and also makes pulling bike stunts like wheelies easier by offering superior control. Despite being so small, the Honda Grom is a pretty powerful bike.

What makes the Grom Grom so special?

What caught most people off-guard was the unconventional design and aesthetics. It is often compared to the minibike Z series also known as the “monkey bikes”. Unlike the large super bikes and dirt bikes that the brand is known for, the Grom stands in at a mere 75 cm in seat height.

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