How old is BriannaPlayz 2021?

How old is BriannaPlayz 2021?

Brianna Paige Arsement was born on 2 January 1994. Brianna Paige Arsement is 28 years old.

Did PrestonPlayz break up with his wife?

He assured viewers that he and Kayla were broken up. He then spoke about how they had taken a lot of time to make sure that breaking up was the right decision. Unfortunately, we have decided to break up,” he said. “Our breakup was a mutual decision.

Is PrestonPlayz married to Brianna?

Before she and Preston got married, Brianna realized that she and Preston had a lot of similarities and decided to meet him. She married Preston Arsement on May 12, 2018 at Dallas Union Station. They got engaged on October 25th 2017.

Who is PrestonPlayz GF?

Family, Girlfriend & Relationships

Father Name David Arsement
Brother Name Caleb Arsement, Joshua Arsement, Daka Arsement and David Arsement
Sister Name Keeley Arsement
Girlfriend Brianna Paige Arsement
Marital Status Married

How old is Brianna’s world?

B2cutecupcakes is 16 years old.

Does PrestonPlayz have an ex?

Preston is back with ex-girlfriend Camille after dumping her for Chantelle. Despite their very public break-up from the Ordinary Boys frontman after he fell for Chantelle, 24, while both appeared in the celebrity version of Big Brother in 2006, Camille appears to have forgiven and forgotten.

Does Preston have a ex?

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