How old is SCTV?

How old is SCTV?

SCTV, which stands for Second City Television, began in 1976, derived from the comedy and improv troupe Second City. Founded in Chicago in the ’50s, Second City opened a Toronto branch in 1973.

Who played Edith Prickley?

Andrea Martin
Edith Prickley was a character in all six seasons of the Canadian sketch comedy series SCTV. Created and played by Andrea Martin, the character took over as the station manager for the fictional television station Second City Television, based out of a city called Melonville, and serving the “tri-city area”.

What characters did Eugene Levy play on SCTV?

After his stage time on the Toronto stage, Levy starred alongside fellow alums Catherine O’Hara, Martin, and Short in SCTV, a show where Levy impersonated a wide range of celebrities and created a variety of iconic characters, including Woody Tobias Jr., Dr. Ernest Bruter, and Bobby Bittman.

Is Second City Canadian?

Second City Television, commonly shortened to SCTV and later known as SCTV Network and SCTV Channel, is a Canadian television sketch comedy show that ran intermittently between 1976 and 1984.

Who played Tex and Edna Boil?

Tex & Edna Boil (Dave Thomas and Andrea Martin) of Tex & Edna’s Organ Emporium spoofed local car dealership TV commercials. As two married entrepreneurs who owned four and a half miles of organs, they tried every kind of gimmick they could think of to lure customers to their warehouse.

Who played Wesley on half wits?

John Hemphill (born 1953) is a Canadian comic actor, writer and producer.

Who played Happy Marsden on SCTV?


Characters After SCTV
Happy Marsden Wesley Wilks (HW) Willem DeCooney Dr Ryne Thurman Best of SCTV Second City 15th The Enigma of Bobby Bittman Maniac Mansion

What comedians came from Second City?

Since its debut, The Second City has consistently been a starting point for many comedians, award-winning actors, directors, and others in show business, including Del Close, Alan Alda, Alan Arkin, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, John Candy, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Chris …

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