How to apply Hatra herbicide?

How to apply Hatra herbicide?

Where Hatra is applied in sequence or tank mixture with other permitted “ALS inhibiting” herbicides, always follow the most restrictive label with regard to following crops. Add the recommended quantity of Hatra to the spray tank half-filled with the required quantity of clean water.

Can a person use a regulated herbicide without a license?

• A person may not purchase or use a regulated herbicide unless the person is a licensed pesticide applicator or is working under the direct supervision of a licensed applicator. • A person may not distribute a pesticide classified as a regulated herbicide to a person not authorized to purchase regulated herbicides.

What are the EPA regulations for pesticide applicators?

EPA regulations ( 40 CFR Part 171) establish minimum standards of competency for pesticide applicators that apply or supervise the use of RUPs. Information about federal certification standards for pesticide applicators . EPA has oversight of state, territory, tribal and federal agency certification programs to ensure they meet certain standards.

What is a commercial pesticide applicator in Texas?

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) licenses pesticide applicators who use restricted-use and state-limited-use pesticides and regulated herbicides. Commercial applicator: operates a business or is employed by a business that applies restricted-use or state-limited-use pesticides to the property of another person for hire or compensation.

How does Ashta Hatra work?

As Hatra is active primarily via foliar uptake good spray coverage of the target weed is essential for optimal efficacy. For optimal activity, apply when weather conditions promote active weed growth. Hatra controls emerged weeds on all soil types. Hatra has a moderate residual life in soil under normal conditions.

What is odesi Hatra?

Hatra has a unique liquid ODesi formulation and provides both contact and residual weed control. Hatra should always be used as part of an integrated grass-weed programme alongside an effective pre-emergence herbicide such as Liberator (flufenacet and diflufenican).

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