How to drink Greek tsipouro?

How to drink Greek tsipouro?

According to Greek manufacturers, the best way to enjoy tsipouro is straight from the freezer. Some people prefer to either dilute with water or add ice. Tsipouro is usually served in shot glasses with meze (a small side dish) such as nuts, dried fruit, raisins, cheese, olives, seafood, meat, halva, or paximadi (rusk).

What is the difference between ouzo and tsipouro?

They are also different in taste and flavor. Ouzo is a mixture of alcohol, water and various aromatic herbs, always including anise. In contrast to tsipouro, ouzo usually contains a small percentage of grape distillation. Tsipouro, however, contains anise, while raki does not.

What’s the difference between raki and tsipouro?

Tsipouro is a pure grape distillate, similar to the Italian Grappa. Raki is an oriental name that refers to the distillation process. Turkey’s traditional drink, Raki, was also originally produced from the residue of grapes left over from the wine making.

Is tsipouro a moonshine?

Greek moonshine is known as tsipouro (Greek: τσίπουρο) or raki (Greek: ρακή). In the island of Crete it is also known as raki (Greek: ρακή) or tsikoudia (Greek: τσικουδιά). It is usually made from pomace grapes. The best quality of raki (Greek: ρακή) is made from grape berries.

Does Tsipouro turn white?

Much tsipouro was, and still is, distilled with anise seeds and other aromatics for a spirit like ouzo, but with a stronger, lustier personality. Like ouzo, it will turn white and cloudy in the glass with the addition of water. This is because the anise oils are not water soluble.

What percentage is Raki?

about 45%
The food serves in part to dampen the effect of the strong spirit — raki is about 45% alcohol. Meze, tapas-like Turkish appetizers, are raki’s perfect culinary companions — you can graze on them all night.

Is grappa the same as tsipouro?

As nouns the difference between grappa and tsipouro is that grappa is (uncountable) an italian grape-based spirit of between 80 and 100 proof, made from the distillation of pomace while tsipouro is a greek alcoholic spirit distilled from marc or pomace, similar to grappa.

Is grappa the same as raki?

In terms of taste, raki is comparable to Italian grappa. Just like grappa, it is not diluted with water. Countries in the Middle East call raki with various names such as Araka, Araki, Ariki.

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