How to edit the Sidebar in MediaWiki?

How to edit the Sidebar in MediaWiki?

Customize Navigation – Mediawiki

  1. Click on Special pages in the toolbox menu.
  2. Click on All pages.
  3. Change the drop-down menu to “MediaWiki.”
  4. Type Sidebar and click Go.
  5. Click on Sidebar.
  6. Click the Edit tab.

How do I add a sidebar to a Wiki page?

Creating a sidebar Click Add a custom sidebar. Use the text editor to add your page’s content. Enter a commit message describing the sidebar you’re adding. To commit your changes to the wiki, click Save Page.

How do I change my MediaWiki logo?

To change the MediaWiki default logo you should do the following:

  1. Create an image for your logo with dimensions of 135×135 pixels.
  2. Upload your logo image somewhere on your web hosting account.
  3. Add or edit the $wgLogo line in the LocalSettings.php to contain the path to your logo.

How do you change your title on fandom?

Log in to your user account and go to the page you want to rename. Click the three vertical dots (⋮) to bring up the edit menu and select either ‘Rename’ or ‘Move’, whichever is shown. You will see a form where you can enter a new title for the page.

How do I change my fandom link Wiki?

If you are an admin for a wiki you can request to change your sitename or URL (or both!). Please double-check the spelling, and choose the new name carefully. If you are not an admin on the wiki, please contact your community’s admins to suggest the change.

What programming language does MediaWiki use?

PHP programming language
MediaWiki is written in the PHP programming language and stores all text content into a database.

How to revert edit on MediaWiki?

Open the page history The page history stores all edits made to the article.

  • Locate the revision you wish to revert to If a user by the name User:SomeHorribleVandal attacked a page,then you’ll want to look for the latest revision not
  • Edit the older revision and publish it
  • How to insert images into MediaWiki?

    Log into MediaWiki.

  • On the left hand side in the navigation sidebar, click the Upload File link.
  • On the Upload file page, browse for the image you want to upload to your MediaWiki page.Click Upload File.
  • The file will show in the File history and the file name will display in the page.On the image page to the top left,…
  • How to edit MediaWiki pages?

    Log into MediaWiki Find the page you want to edit. In this case the content of the Main page will be edited. Click Edit. By default the code will look like the snapshot to the right an a new installation. Add text to the pageto begin creating the content for the wiki.

    How do I edit the sidebar?

    1. Site owners can add and remove items in the site sidebar by clicking the “Edit sidebar” link at the bottom of the sidebar. 2. You can edit, delete, or add new items to the sidebar. Click “Add a sidebar item”. 3. In the dialog, select the type of page element you want to add. 4. The item is now added.

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