How to enter the Theater High School

Especially if you know what to prepare for. Forewarned is forearmed. Well, let’s “arm”.

First a few words about admission exams. They consist of a selection consultation, three rounds, a contest and a colloquium. They, like the whole learning process, differ from ordinary higher education institutions (there will not be standard exams or coursework, the opportunity to somehow cheat with the help of essay writing service, laboratory works or diploma papers). Very often, the selection consultation is replaced immediately with the first round. On tours accordingly there is a severe screening of entrants. The task of the commission is to select 30 out of 250 people willing to study. During the study of these 30 are screened another 10. After the first round can immediately send to the third. Or even to the competition. This, however, does not happen often.

At the contest, those who have reached, can offer to perform a song or do etude with another entrant. They give only the name (eg “Rift”). The training period is a day.

Colloquium is an interview on the humanities. Check the knowledge of history, literature, the general intellectual level. Relax is not necessary, can weed out and at the very last stage.

Now directly on admission. It is necessary to begin to engage densely this business as soon as possible. Minimum for the year. And even better for two. You need to do this with professional teachers-actors. Frankly, without any acting experience to enter a theater college is almost impossible. So the best thing, if there is no such experience, is to go to the preparatory courses in a good acting school-studio.

Experienced teachers of the studio will help, among other things, choose the most suitable literary program for you personally. And this, without exaggeration, is one of the most important elements of successful entry. The program of any entrant should include three literary forms learned by heart: prose, verse and fable.

Prosaic passages should not be too long. Each approximately 1,5 – 2 minutes and in different genres. A good passage should have a classical three-part structure: the beginning, the development with some powerful event and the end.

Poems should also be small, most importantly, emotionally saturated. Poems need to select their gender. Those. guys read on behalf of men, and girls on behalf of women. Although there are exceptions to this rule. Girls should not take the text, where the narrative comes specifically from the person of the man. However, if there are no masculine verbs in “male” verses, then such a verse is quite suitable for the program.

When choosing a fable is best to use the work of I. Krylov or S. Mikhalkov. It is necessary to read the fable naturally, without a joke. In general, remember that the commission looks at the mobility of your emotional nature!

Advice to those who choose their own texts – try to proceed from your type. If the girl is short and complete, you do not need to learn Juliet’s monologue. You can try to reveal your comic potential.

During the audition on the tours, in no case is it necessary to “give” the tragedy. No ponytails.

Now about how to come to the exam. Clothing. The guys here are simple. Jeans or loose-fitting trousers. Top with a long-sleeved shirt or a turtleneck or a monochrome sweater. If the figure allows the top can be a little stitched.

For girls, the recommendations are more detailed. The most important thing is not to overdo it. Excessive sexuality in clothes, neckline “to the navel” should not be. A skirt is strictly required. Dark color, but not black. Middle length. Top with long sleeves. It is desirable to have a calm, soft color. Or you can wear a free-cut dress, not above the knees. Trousers are banned!

In general, the clothes and the boys and girls should be discreet, calm. Let’s just say everyday. Although it is possible to stand out and remember the commission, include in the toilet some bright detail: a shawl, scarf, belt, tie, neck scarf, etc.

Separately about the face. It is very important that his hair is not obscured. This advice is mainly for girls. If the hair is long, then it is recommended to stab them in a bundle or to tuck them in the tail.

The guys with this easier. The hair should not be longer than the shoulder line. Well, naturally clean, freshly washed, not dreadlocks.

Next – makeup. Girls, do not apply a fighting color to the Amazon, which goes hunting. Make-up should not be practically. More precisely, it should be, but extremely inconspicuous, neat and natural. The commission should see your natural appearance. Guys can be advised to “cover up” acne on the face.

Let’s talk about the exam itself. In the beginning one simple, but important advice, very difficult for execution – not to be clever !!! God forbid you correct the teacher. And the more so make him a comment. At this the receipt will be completed.

Go to the commission, the earlier, the better. After viewing a few hundred entrants, any person will lose concentration, and even curse everything. So, if you go to the end, then you may simply not pay attention to it because of the banal fatigue.

Before entering, you need to fill out an examination sheet, which also indicates your repertoire. This sheet, respectively, is submitted to the commission.

Do not be nervous, shake and wind yourself. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. Here you can advise to direct an internal monologue to repeat its repertoire. Just repeat your texts. The excitement should decrease.

And here you are in the reception room! Let’s repeat – in any case not to argue with the commission. Start presenting your reader’s material with what the examiners ask. And they may not ask. So you need to clearly identify the points of your program in advance.

Do not go close to the examination table and “climb on the head” sitting behind him. It is better to stand a little further. If you are asked to stand standing, and you planned to sit, you must perform.

It is very desirable to have a song and a dance in reserve. You may be asked to perform both.

It happens that after the first round you can say to change the repertoire. Again, there is no need for questions, disputes and wrangles. We must do what they say. Another repertoire should already (!) Be in your stock. A little trick: in the examination sheet you need to write a couple of poems, fables and prose, and leave the rest for the rest. It is for this case that you prepared several different texts of each genre.

Finally, let us reiterate that the best strategy for admission will be training at the preparatory courses in the theater studio. Naturally in the one where teachers from theatrical universities work, with a long experience of teaching.

After studying at such courses, the chances of a successful entry will increase dramatically. And you will succeed! Good luck!

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