How to use Kordon AmQuel Plus?

How to use Kordon AmQuel Plus?

Directions. Add 10 drops per gallon, 1 teaspoon per10 gallons, 1 liquid ounce per 60 gallons, or 1 cup per 480 gallons. Use in well aerated water. Under marginal aquarium conditions, AmQuel Plus can moderately reduce oxygen levels in the water during the first hours after use.

How do you use an ammonia detoxifier?

API AMMO-LOCK Ammonia detoxifier, Detoxifies ammonia toxic to fish in aquarium water and tap water, Use when ammonia is detected

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Does AmQuel remove ammonia?

AmQuel quickly and effectively removes/detoxifies ammonia, chlorine and chloramines (three of the most toxic chemicals commonly found in tap water from public utilities) from fresh and salt water.

How does AmQuel Plus work?

AmQuel Plus detoxifies all chlorine and chloramines added to the water by public water utilities and toxic nitrogen compounds that can appear in aquarium and pond water over time, thereby making water changes less necessary, and providing a safer environment for fishes and aquatic life.

Is ammonia remover bad for fish?

Why Not Just Use an Ammonia Remover or Ammonia Detoxifier? Then, when the chemical has absorbed all the ammonia it can, the ammonia will begin to build up in the tank in a form that is dangerous to your fish and will cause ammonia stress.

How often can you use ammonia remover in fish Tank?

This dose will detoxify 1 ppm ammonia, 3.2 ppm chloramines. Dosage can be safely increased 3X daily. If you notice your pet fish are lethargic or uninterested in eating or hovering at the bottom of the tank, ammonia could be the reason.

What is the difference between AmQuel and AmQuel plus?

AmQuel Plus reduces the problems with “new tank and pond syndrome,” which in great part are caused by the nitrifying bacteria in the water. AmQuel Plus makes biological filtration much safer by detoxifying its natural processes. AmQuel Plus does all this without having to be removed, once it is put into the water.

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