Inception : Teaser / trailer (VF)

Here is the first teaser of Inception

We don’t know much about this film, it’s so well done, so much so that Nolan has created a film of “phew”, so it is good.

In the meantime a trailer worthy of the name, we offer you the first trailer. It is not so bad.

The pitch : The film is described as a feature-length film of action and science-fiction, which will take place in the dédalles of the spirit. Better, we can unfortunately tell you nothing.

Inception was directed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight – The Dark Knight, The Prestige) with Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wedding Rebels, official Lies), Marion Cotillard (The Last Flight, Public Enemies) and Ellen Page (Rebellious Teen, Smart People).

Date of French release : 04 August 2009

Inception : Teaser / trailer (VF)

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