[interview] Franck Dubosc and Kev Adams (FISTON)

Since he was 7 years old, Alex has only one obsession : to seduce Sandra Valenti, the prettiest girl in Aix en Provence and, in his eyes, the most beautiful girl in the world. Today, he must have a surefire plan to be able to finally address it. He decides to enlist the services of Antoine Chamoine that almost 20 years ago, seduced Monica, Sandra’s mother.

Director of the mini-series ‘A guy a girl’ and the movie ‘The mac’, Pascal Bourdiaux stays in the same vein, that of the comedy with ‘Son’. It brings together, in this new feature film, two stand-up comedians French from different generations: Franck Dubosc and Kev Adams. A duo that works on-screen, supplemented by Nora Arnezeder, Héléna Noguerra, Laurent Boat and Valérie Benguigui, who plays the mother of Kev Adams.

In theaters march 12, 2014.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSzWquI4H1g

  • Kev Adams, in the film, Franck Dubosc is your mentor, it teaches you how to seduce the girl of your dreams. Have you retained some of his advice?

Kev Adams : I am a young seducer yet, so until then, I was the baby of seduction, I am only beginning now the real seduction. Franck provides small anecdotes of his youth (he was not so long ago) and I am learning a lot. I am in a situation where I can not ask my friends, because they tell me ” but it is not in the same situation as you, it is not known “.

While Franck knows what it’s like to catch a girl, but without that it comes across in the newspapers. I take some of his techniques.

Franck Dubosc : But it has so much to teach me about women, it all depends on the age of the woman. (laugh)

There is one thing that I think I know. The women love what they believe discover of we. As a comedian, it is better that the woman comes out of the appointment thinking ” and in addition, he is intelligent “. It is this “and more” that the woman seems to reveal that, in general, makes the difference.

  •  Kev Adams, in the film you have difficulties to approach girls, how it happens in real life?

KA : In real life, I’m someone rather shy. I must admit that I like it when they recognize me, it is easier to start the discussion. You have to be honest, as soon as they tell me ” oh you’re Kev Adams “, I say ” yes, it is good, it is in the pocket “. When they tell me nothing, I say, the air of nothing, ” hum, and if you look at the 9 time? “.

  • You use your notoriety to flirt?

FD : I am a married man, I have a life a little row now, but when I was his age, it is true that it would be resolved when the girls recognised me. It makes them take the first step. The girl with which he could pass something, it is the one that came in saying ” jte warn, it is not because you are to know, that you lie down with me! “. That, in general, you grab it.

KA : It, it is sure that you’ll catch it, I can confirm. There are girls sometimes I approach and say to me, ” what are you doing in life? Ah ok, because I had no idea that you were an actor. In any case, I wanted to tell you that I’ve never seen SODA “. Ah ok, but I had not spoken of SODA in fact. It, it is sure that it works. They say it to give themselves a genre.

  • What is it that convinced you to accept this role?

KA : It is a film that has touched me personally in the scenario. Because it speaks of human relationships, of children who grew up without their father. It touches me because my parents have recently divorced. When I read the script, I said to myself that the author had decrypted it. It is not overrated, this is not a caricatured image of divorced parents. I love this message of rebuilding the family. I would like to say: in the film, I’m not the son of Frank.

FD : Already by the age, it is impossible.

KA : But yes, it is impossible, I would have had what, 8 and a half years. (laughter).

FD : And this is not a film about love. I don’t play for a coach pick-up, it is rather a man who is going to advise a young man on a young woman, because this gentleman has seduced the mother. And if the adage “like mother, like daughter” is true, it will be able to help.

  •  Two stand-up comedians on a same shooting, how is it going? You tell jokes all the time?

KA :not Even. You’re not there to prove your place, you’re just there to have fun. But there are days where Franck is a machine on a shoot. When he is gone in a day valves, you’ll have all day, and you’re gonna laugh the whole day. I’m not trying to compete for me too make others laugh, I am public of Franck at the time, and it is a chance.

It would not be possible to live it with comedians of my generation, and it is a little sad, but there would be this battle of ego, that will be the true star of the film.

  •  Complicity in the film is therefore not only played, it is real?

KA : I’m a fan of Frank since I was very small. The first day of filming in Aix-en-Provence, I came up with a photo that I had taken it with him in the street four years earlier. We had screwed up by saying that it was going to be the movie poster, because I have a holy head, with my braces and all. I’m a fan of the artist for a long time and on the shoot, we had an exceptional agreement. It was one of those people who welcome with open arms the new generation of actors unlike a lot of actors. It does and with happiness. It is someone who is very accessible.

FD : Kev works a lot, he is listening. I would do the same thinking: most young people do not always want to be open to older. They feel that they know everything. The actor opens up to the other, it is rare. And him, he listened, doing her thing to him. It is pretty nice. Someone who listens, one does not have so much advice to give. There was no fighting young/old in the reality, even if it is in the film.

  •  What are your next projects?

KA : Franck is at the casino de Paris until January 5, for ” In the wild “, and then on tour in France.

FD : And Kev is at the Bataclan for his show ” Voilà, voilà “, until 31 December and then on tour.

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