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So that is about to get Serious on DVD and Blu-ray, the young Garance Marillier arrives shyly but relaxed in the premises of the publisher Wild Side. Her tray in hand, she presents herself in front of a handful of journalists and bloggers meet to talk about his experience on the film de Julia Ducournau. Adopting a monotone and a slow flow, it proves to be particularly sincere and unpretentious, responding in a direct way without trying to embroider. Meeting.

She was your first reaction to reading the script ?

I said, ” fortunately, it is Julia who makes it “. Because I know and I trust him. I know that it does me not propose something that is not successful.

How are you back in your character, and you are you detached ?

It’s silly to say, but it is thanks to the work simply. We had a big preparation. We worked on the corporeal nature, the manner of holding to be the character. I focused on it as to not confuse me with my character Justine. And to break away from it, at the end of the shoot my only concern, it was sleep.

It has been your main inspiration for your role ?

I am very much inspired by Wagner Moura who plays Pablo Escobar in the series Narcos. It really has a power in his gaze. This is what has marked me the most the first time I saw the series, and I’ve tried to reproduce here.

Serious, or Carrie at the prom vétos

You have a musical training at the base, that is what this brings you ?

I made the percussion at the level of pace that really helped me. And I’m trying to reconcile this heritage, which comes to me from my family, with my game. Because the words are at the base of the sound, the musicality. So when you are sensitive to it, as much use.

Is it that there are scenes that you dreaded ?

Let’s say for scenes that have been added shortly before the shooting. Like the scene under the sheets, or the one where I’m in front of the mirror. Scenes that are very intimate that you grow in your limits. So, as we had little time to rehearse, there was a slight apprehension.

Is it that there are scenes that make you feel uncomfortable when you look at them.

No, because I know the behind-the-scenes, so it doesn’t do anything to me.

It has been the hardest to turn ?

The scene from the roof. But just because of the constraints. It was snowing, it was cold, it was three o’clock in the morning, so it was quite hard.

What best memories do you keep filming ?

The scene under the sheets. It was a point hyper box for Julia and me. We were in a harmony of direction. We could really understand and go to the end of his idea.

You made Serious ?

The palette that I have been able to show. I talk a lot of technique, but it is what it has brought me to be able to play on different tables.

What future do you imagine for your character ?

It is a bit morbid, but I think she is going to eat itself. She would prefer to do that rather than do evil to others.

What do you think of the message that can return the movie ?

I think it is a nice way to speak of humanity without making a film hyper social, but to mix several genres. It is one of the strengths of Julia not to fall into the too-full of explanations. His metaphors are its strength to it. And then the message remains universal and timeless.

Did you expect such a success, especially abroad, for a film of this genre ?

No, it is a real surprise. This is good because it means that the message is universal.

It helped you to have of the proposals ?

Abroad and in France yes, but unfortunately, I can’t say anything for the moment. Just, as I strive for roles and demanding filmmakers, let’s say that you will not see me in comedies Danny Boon.

How have you experienced this sudden exposure, particularly to high school ?

Necessarily, with Serious, there are new looks that landed on me. But I do not attention. Especially in high school. I went there, I had my courses, and I stayed.

“Without Lynch, the Serious, would not have seen the light of day”

How was your relationship with Julia Ducournau ?

It was a mutual trust is blind. It allows you to go always further and to test full of things. It is a relationship strong and rare. I know it will not be as simple with other directors.

What would the producers or directors with whom you would love to work with ?

Really, if we speak about dream, it would be David Lynch and Wong Kar-wai.

Remarks collected by Pierre Siclier

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